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‘Resurrection’ recap episode 1X02 ‘Unearth’ the mystery deepens

‘Resurrection’ recap episode 1X02 ‘Unearth’ the mystery deepens
‘Resurrection’ recap episode 1X02 ‘Unearth’ the mystery deepens
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Resurrection” returned with episode 2, “Unearth” and left us with even more questions. The episode aired on ABC on Sunday, March 16.

Last week Jacob returned to his parents after being gone for more than 20 years. At the end of the episode, Caleb Richards also returned from the dead. His friends and family believe he died of a heart attack out in the woods at his hunting cabin where his friend Dale found him. Caleb has no idea what happened. He remembers blacking out while driving his truck and waking up three days ago in Portland. Ray tells Marty and Maggie that he doesn’t believe the man calling himself Caleb is really his dad.

Maggie stops by her dad’s house to tell him about Caleb. He is baffled too. When she gets to work, Marty is waiting for her. He wants to check the DNA of whoever is buried in Jacob’s tomb and he wants her help convincing the family. She agrees. They go to see Lucille and Henry together. Lucille says its fine but Henry won’t permit his son’s tomb to be desecrated.

Lucille opens a box with things she packed away for Jacob’s but can’t quite bring herself to give them to the boy and instead, takes him shopping. She takes him to the park to play with the other kids but the parents are creeped out by his presence and make their kids leave. Marty recommends using an alias and a cover story to avoid these types of incidents. Pastor Tom agrees. He goes to see the boy, obviously uncomfortable but the two end up bonding over video games.

The sheriff blocks Marty’s attempts to get a court order to open Jacob’s grave. Marty goes over his head and gets one anyway. Fred tells his daughter she shouldn’t be helping Marty. When Marty stops by, Fred taunts him about his past but doesn’t elaborate.

Caleb explains to Elaine that he sees this as a second chance to be the kind of dad he wasn’t before. Maggie gives him a checkup and everything looks good except for blood tests that indicate he had a heart attack 3 days ago – the time he said he woke up in Portland. Elaine is just happy to have her dad back. She recalls placing a note in her dad’s jacket at the funeral and is relieved when she doesn’t find it in his jacket pocket now.

Caleb visits his old hunting cabin and while digging there, has flashes of memory about his heart attack. He keeps digging as though he’s familiar with the spot. When he gets home, he finds his son, Ray snooping around his room. Caleb is relieved Ray didn’t find the note hidden in his Bible – the same note Elaine had been looking for.

Maggie goes to the home of the man who had been with her mother the day she died. She asks if he’s her father and he tells her no. He also tells her he didn’t just abandon her at the river. He waited until someone came along and found her. When he goes back into the house, he tells someone off camera that ‘Maggie has found us.’

Maggie and Marty open the tomb. It’s the same one where Maggie’s mom is buried. Their eyes widen at what they see.

Lucille tells Marty she’s decided not to tell Jacob to lie about who he is.; she wants him to be a little boy. They see Jacob talking to Caleb and Jacob tells Marty that Caleb advised Jacob to lie, too. At the end, Caleb is seen barging into the home of a man who is terrified to see Caleb. Caleb takes out a hammer and charges at the man, screaming, “Tell me it’s all gone!” Then he swings the hammer in the direction of his now off-camera target.

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