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Resurrection readily dispatches SCR's Folsom Prison Bruisers

Resurrection v SCR's Folsom Prison Bruisers
Resurrection v SCR's Folsom Prison Bruisers
Terri Brindis

Saturday night, February 22, 2014, Sacramento's Sac City Rollers (SCR) welcomed Sonoma County's Resurrection Roller Girls to their home track for some roller derby. First the juniors played: SCR's Bad Apples against Resurrection's Fallin' Angels. SCR's A-team, the Capitol Punishers, became a full WFTDA league in 2012 and currently rank 41 out of all International WFTDA leagues. Resurrection's A-team, the Cinderollas, is a WFTDA apprentice league, which means after certain qualifications are met they will be able compete against SCR and other WFTDA leagues for a ranking of their own. On Saturday, the Cinderollas faced SCR's B-team, the Folsom Prison Bruisers. Based on the Cinderollas' dominance over the Bruisers, they are perhaps already ready to compete at a WFTDA level.

The First Jam

Resurrection jammer The Teacher took the line against SCR's Ruby Reckless. The moment the whistle blew Teacher’s mad jukes sent shock waves through SCR's blockers. Teacher, who cut through blockers like she was cutting class, racked up 14 points while Reckless remained stuck in the pack. Opening score 14-0, Resurrection.


From the moment the first whistle blew, Resurrection jammers The Teacher and Phantom Payne (aka PePe), enjoyed a wicked and relentless two-jammer rotation, culminating in a 72-point scoring spree. They indulged in a few power jams but racked up most of their points with quick and dirty hit it and quit it opportunities, always taking the ever important lead jammer position. By the time PePe went to the penalty box for a track cut (allowing Reckless to get lead jam; the first time SCR had lead in the entire bout) SCR had been held scoreless for 11:96 minutes. Reckless also put the first 5 SCR points on the board with a grand slam.

The power start: when one jammer begins the jam while the opposing jammer is in the penalty box.

Coming to the jammer line in a power start position, SCR jammer Freya Charge meets slatwart Resurrection opposition The Hot Spot and Rosie Road Rash. Rosie delivers a hard and legal blow to the chest, putting Freya on the ground. Regardless, Freya gets up, gets lead, and scores 15 points before calling off the jam just as PePe is released from the box.

Score with 16:37 left: 72-20, Resurrection

With jammers out of the penalty box, SCR still has the majority of skaters on the track. Throughout the bout, Resurrection is a constant presence in the penalty box, though being short on blockers doesn't much affected their lead. After widening their lead, Resurrection fields a new jammer, The AniMel, against SCR's Octopusshy who gets lead jammer for the first time. As the first half comes to a close, Rosie Road Rash is becoming extremely aggressive, delivering devastating and mostly legal hits.

Score at the half: 157-55, Resurrection

In the second half there was more of the same, except things were sloppy. Resurrection kept the pack speed on the fast side, as it was easier for their jammers to bob and weave through a speedy pack. In the second half, the pack speed picked up eve more as tired blockers were unable to dig in and slow things down. With a wide lead, Resurrection moved to a four jammer rotation, resting The Teacher and Phantom Payne, and fielding their second string of jammers. SCR held strong to their three jammer rotation: Ruby Reckless, Octopusshy, Freya Charge.

Most exciting jam

During the second half, The Teacher is no longer content just to zig zag like a ping pong ball through the pack; she adds a little air to her wheels and starts jumping apexes. Taking the jammer line against Freya deep in the second half Teacher, the moment the whistle is blown, shoots like a bullet to the front of the pack, getting lead, while Freya is hemmed up behind Hot Spot and The Herminator. No sooner than she’s out of the pack, The Teacher is making a fast approach on her scoring pass. She enters behind the cluster where Freya is trapped and with a quick bit of footwork leaps over the apex passing Freya and the whole pack at once, for 5 points.

Crowd pleasing violence

Meanwhile PePe develops a penchant for jammer on jammer violence and on at least three occasions isn't content just to pass the opposing jammer, but decides to put her on the floor mid-stride just for good measure. Meanwhile Hot Spot, Chutzpah and Rosie Road Rage deliver plenty of precision hits, especially inside and to the chest. The Herminator's hit can't be called precision but they are effective and devastating. Heini Danger of SCR executes an excellent sweeping hit which frees her jammer. No bout is without a dirty hit, even if unintentional, but most of the hits in this bout were hard, legal and put a girl on the ground.

Saving the best for last: classic baby eating

Because it is the very last jam PePe doesn’t call it off and lets Octopusshy continue to try and score. After a scoring pass or two, Octopusshy is approaching the pack for her first scoring pass. She manages to pick up 3 points before PePe sits on her and slows. It's called "eating the baby" when a jammer feeds the opposing jammer back to her pack and this is exactly what PePe does. With Octopusshy successfully subdued PePe gets 4 more points just as the game clock runs out.

Final Score: 317-123, Resurrection

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