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'Resurrection' premieres on ABC Sunday: Dead loved ones return to their families

"Resurrection" premieres Sunday night March 9 on ABC, it looks a lot like the Sundance Channel series "The Returned," which was a French series in English subtitles.
"Resurrection" premieres Sunday night March 9 on ABC, it looks a lot like the Sundance Channel series "The Returned," which was a French series in English subtitles.
Resurrection promo/ ABC

Resurrection” premieres tonight on ABC and it looks promising. For those of you who watched “The Returned,” a subtitled series from France, you may find “Resurrection” somewhat similar.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry on March 9, “Resurrection” is about dead people, but not anything like the “Walking Dead’s” zombies. The small town of Arcadia, Missouri starts to see their loved ones, who passed away, return. They look just like the day they died and act just like their old selves.

Tonight’s premiere show is called “Returned” and it starts with a little boy who is eight-years-old, waking up in a rice paddy all alone in the countryside of China. An American immigration agent talks with the boy who remembers his name is Jacob and who says he lives in Arcadia. The agent, played by Omar Epps of “House” fame, takes him home.

Home is a place he left 30 years ago when he died. The agent finds a couple in their 60, whose son has been dead for 30 years. Jacob convinces his parents that it is him without even trying to and the family is bizarrely reunited.

Much like the show "The Returned" the people that come back alive don't know where they've been, they think it is just the next day. They don't know they've been dead. No time goes by for them. The boy Jacob should be 38, but he is still only eight. In the Sundance series, a man comes back to find his girlfriend much older and married, but he is still in his early 20s.

In the French series a twin sister comes back to find her identical twin now six years older. She is in her late teens and the twin who came back to life is still of middle school age. It makes for some very interesting sub-plots. It does appear as if "Resurrection" has many similarities and hopefully so, because "The Returned" was captivating to watch.

Back to "Resurrection," in Arcadia, dead loved ones are returning, changing people’s lives in ways one might not imagine. There is no explanation for all the dead coming home, but the story lines are great, entertaining and definitely worth watching. It isn’t just a fleshier version of “The Walking Dead.”

“The Returned,” which is now seen in its entire first season on Netflix, is very similar to this. The French version is excellent and leads up to the many mysteries surrounding this small town where dead loved ones return after being dead a number of years.

Some were dead 10 years and other have been dead for 30, but the pretense is the same and it was an excellent show to watch. Sundance ran the first series and now it is only available on Netflix.

Tune into ABC Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET for “Resurrection,” a show they will be talking about on Monday for sure!

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