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'Resurrection' premiere has creepy sense of joy as loved ones return from dead

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Resurrection” premiered on ABC Sunday night offering a dark side of life, one that many may have wondered about in the past. Everyone has lost someone they love, so just the thought of them showing up at your front door after years of being dead and buried takes your breath away.

But does it take your breath away because it is creepy or does it give you a sense of joy? Probably a little of both, which makes it very unsettling when it happens to the people of Arcadia, Missouri in ABC's new show "Resurrection."

Called “the living end” and “fascinating” by the Boston Herald on March 9, the creepy factor mixes in with rejoicing for the folks whose loved ones have returned from the dead. You can’t help put yourself in these folks’ place when their dead family member shows up as if nothing ever happened.

“Resurrection” showed the first of their returned dead through the eyes of a couple who is in their 60’s last night. Their eight-year-old son who died 35 years ago comes back to life looking like the last day they saw him alive.

Fearful at first to touch him, the mother eventually goes overboard with the affection and the father steps into an almost cold place when it comes to dealing with this little boy calling him dad. This boy looks like his son and knows things only his little son could know, but how could this happen?

The mystery continues as others return as episodes of “Resurrection” are offered each week. A father returns home to his grown children who are now only a few years younger than him. This is a fascinating concept especially as most would think bringing a dead loved one back to life would be filled with joy, but the opposite is also seen because it is feared as unnatural.

The eight-year-old boy wakes up in rural China submerged in a rice patty. He makes his way back home with the help of an immigration officer and a caring immigration officer at that! What this guy, played by “House’s” Omar Epps, discovers is that this kid was dead and buried for 35 years until now and not only is this shocking to his family, but Marty (Epps) is also trying to wrap his head around this. The mystery gets deeper after DNA tests put the 60-year-old couple as the boys biological parents.

“Resurrection” has so much potential and it is now a Sunday night destination as folks are anxiously awaiting for the next episode. Check it out, you won’t be sorry that you did.