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Resurrection Morning -- Mary Magdalene's Own Words

I am reminded of the resurrection of our Master and how the sisters and I had so badly wanted to go into the tomb and tend to His body. But he was not in there.[Mary _4/9/07 ]
Del Peterson

What if we could hear about the resurrection from someone who was personally present that morning, at the tomb. This Examiner was present on just such an occasion – in fact several such. Mary Magdalene, a returned Teacher in Urantia’s Correcting Time Corps of Teachers, recounts that blessed April morning of the resurrected Jesus.

I am reminded of the resurrection of our Master and how the sisters and I had so badly wanted to go into the tomb and tend to His body. But he was not in there.[Mary _4/9/07 ]

I am MARY. I am to speak of my experience with the risen Master. Along with thoughts of resurrection at this time, many mull over the pain of death and loss. At that time of my experience it would seem as if myself and my kinswomen were beside ourselves with sorrow. Most definitely did this tragic, but necessary, occurrence take our minds off ourselves for a time.

Unfortunately, tragedy puts our priorities in order. Our sorrow brought us a helpful humility in that we were becoming driven by what was truly important. Thoughts of personal gain were not to be found. We banded together as brothers and sisters to follow through with the Master’s ideas for the Father’s Kingdom. It was truly amazing how faith brought us new life, new hope.

While in the garden I was quite fearful and yet, bound and determined to find the Master’s body, to carry on with what we thought at that time to be the tradition of the dead. I had not the realization that the person with whom I spoke to that early morning was anything more than a man. It did take some mindal reconciliation to even have that thought of the possibility of what had occurred.

Once I had realized I was in the presence of the risen Master, I was elated and yet, overcome with a thousand thoughts running through my mind. Mortals are very excitable and indeed it was difficult to calm down to receive instruction. Most definitely upon realization of Jesus’ presence did I feel new blood running through my veins; I had the energy of a hundred mortals. His face was reflecting a new light and it was not something I had experienced before.

I know firsthand that the Master’s Spirit of Truth can do this for all mortals who can keep alive with faith. Closeness to His personality helps you to recognize Him more and more every day. You can be with new energy, new hope, new life. For this week, let us have our own time in the garden with the Master. We will speak of our experiences next week. [Mary_3/27/06 ]


I do know that back at the time of meeting Jesus at the tomb, upon his resurrection, I had gained some popularity for being ‘the one who the Master had appeared to.’ Some people thought the Master had chosen me because I was somehow spiritually advanced. For a time I thought this was true and later reality showed me that I was just in the right place at the right time, and that I was one who would be willing to share the message.

It was a little disturbing how I had attached to this label of ‘chosen one’ because it brought me a lot of attention. There were further issues that my new label had me facing and that was – people had expected me to have knowledge about certain spiritual ideas that I did not.

It seems to be a common theme throughout history for people to want heroes and at that time it seemed I was becoming one. I wanted to be one, yes, but I was having to live up to an identity which was not me.

I can see how my ego took joy in being made to feel special and after a while I became burdened with trying to hide my true identity. I was just another Kingdom worker with no more or less gifts than anyone else.

After meeting with the Master on a few of His resurrection appearances I was brought some relief by Him showing me that I was important and loved “just like everybody else.” It was a great relief to let the facade of my being ‘spiritually advanced,’ go.

It was helpful to confide in my sisters that this strange occurrence was happening. We had great fun with it. It was so much better to be my true self than the person that people thought I was. I found peace within to know that the Master knew of my mind games and still loved me and was still showing me the value from such an experience. [Mary_3/23/09]

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