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‘Resurrection’ : Maggie and Marty team up to open Jacob’s tomb

Maggie and Marty team up on "Resurrection"
ABC Media Images

This week’s episode of ‘Resurrection’, which aired on March 16, raised more questions than it answered. While Jacob remains the central focus of the series, he plays a lessor role this week as attention expands to Caleb’s return from the dead and Maggie’s probing for details of her mother’s death.

While agent Marty Bellamy seeks to open Jacob’s tomb to compare the DNA of the presumed body buried 32 years ago against the 8-year-old returned-from-the dead Jacob, he is met with resistance from Jacob’s father Henry. Jacob’s mother, however is supportive of opening the tomb to prove that Jacob is really who he says he is.

Meanwhile Maggie, the sheriff’s daughter teams up with Marty to open the tomb in the hopes of learning more about her mother’s death. When she confronts her father, he tells her that her mother suffered from Post-Partum Depression and that if she did anything wrong it was his fault for not paying more attention.

Sheriff Fred Langston, Maggie’s father, beats Marty to the local judge and thwarts his efforts to obtain a court order to open the tomb. Marty then seeks and gets a federal court order to open the tomb despite Sheriff Fred’s objections.

Maggie has business to attend to of her own as she confronts the man Jacob had placed at her mother’s drowning, and asks him if he is her father. He tells her no. When Maggie leaves, he enters the home and speaks to an unidentified person saying, “She has found us.”

Is Maggie’s mother still alive? Has she returned from the dead, too? How will Maggie and Sheriff Fred react if her mother suddenly returns from the dead?

Tune in to “Resurrection” Sunday nights at 9/8 Central on ABC.

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