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‘Resurrection’ has viewers seeing red

"Resurrection" Premiere Recap
"Resurrection" Premiere Recap

ABC’s new series “Resurrection” began with a bang as the series premiere aired on March 9. This show echoes the eeriness of ‘The Village’ and the suspense of ‘The Sixth Sense’ with its intricately woven plot and red symbolism. It promises to unveil a host of new characters who return from the dead seemingly unscathed.

This week’s episode began with the return of 8-year-old Jacob who reportedly died 32 years ago in a drowning accident. His aging parents, now in their 60’s, struggle to come to terms with the impossible reality that their son has returned from the grave. Meanwhile Jacob’s childhood best friend, who is now a pastor, struggles to accept this new reality as a miracle from God.

Jacob isn’t talking other than providing new details about his own death and the death of his aunt, alerting the family to the presence of a man at the drowning. According to Jacob, the circumstances of his drowning don’t quite match up with what everyone was told. Until now, his family believed Jacob fell in the river and his aunt died trying to save him.

Jacob provides new information claiming he tried to save his aunt and drowned in the process. He places a man at the scene that appears to have tried to save his aunt. We later learn that the aunt was having an affair with this mysterious man. How that plays into the deaths is unclear.

DNA testing confirms that Jacob is who he says he is, leaving his parents to ponder whom they buried 32 years ago.

Like “The Village” and “The Sixth Sense”, the color red is seen throughout the show in connection with those who return from the dead. Jacob wears the red jersey he awakes in throughout the episode, despite the passage of several days, and even wears it when admitted to the hospital for seizures.

A mysterious man who hitchhikes into town sports a red cap and is seen lurking in the background observing Jacob. In the final scene viewers discover the mysterious man in the red cap has also returned from the dead and is reunited with his daughter.

Although the significance of red is not known at this time, it may be to alert the viewer than something is amiss. Like “The Village” and “The Sixth Sense” is seems likely the color red is symbolic of danger or a signal that things are not as they seem.

Tune in to “Resurrection” on Sunday nights at 9/8 Central on ABC to find out how this mysterious series unfolds.

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