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‘Resurrection’ finale: ‘Torn Apart’ Bellamy’s past, Sheriff Fred’s betrayal

Just as the promos promised, the town of Arcadia was “Torn Apart” in the season finale as Sheriff Fred betrayed the returned, including his nephew, Jacob in the season finale of “Resurrection.” We also learned a little bit more about who Agent Bellamy might be and something of his past as Hollywood Life reported on May 4.

‘Resurrection’ finale recap: ‘Torn Apart’ Bellamy’s past, Sheriff Fred’s betrayal
Photo by Youtube (Screen Capture)

The town has swelled with the numbers of the returned who are congregating in the church for the time being. Tom tells Bellamy he needs help getting food, clothing and shelter for these people. Bellamy calls his boss and says they need help from the government and that they should get out in front of this thing before it gets out of hand.

The newly returned Rachel views her own previously returned body. NO one understands why she came back again. Her memories are intact. She knows she’s pregnant and she believes the baby is fine.

Maggie confronts her mother, Barbara, who, she learns, has been hiding out at Sam’s house for a week. She describes Maggie’s dad as “dark” and terrorizing and doesn’t want to go back to him. Maggie tells her to face Fred and tell him of her choice or Maggie will do it.

Barbara does and Fred seems to accept it on the surface but it’s obvious something is brewing just beneath. At home, he watches old family movies and it seems so sweet and noble until Fred goes off the rails.

Fred meets the military unit that has just rolled into town with the supplies Bellamy requested. They were told the town had suffered a power outage and needed support. Fred sets them straight about the returned, telling Colonel Stone that they are dangerous. The two men begin to devise a plan to “protect the living.”

While Bellamy has dinner with the Langstons and the African-American family who returned in the last episode, Henry gets an automated call instructing everyone to bring any returned persons to the high school gym for IDs, a flu shot and information. Bellamy tries to call Fred to get info on what’s going on because he doesn’t trust it.

At the gym, Bellamy tells the Langstons to take Jacob home before going inside. They already have all his info and they can get an ID later. The lines are really long. One soldier guesses there must be 200 people in the gym. Inside, Bellamy tries to get the African-American family out but a soldier with a gun tells them. “No returned can leave the gym.”

Knowing he was right to be suspicious, Bellamy warns Maggie what her father is up to – rounding up the returned. Maggie then realizes the list of names she and Ward have been compiling, which includes her mom, will put them all in peril. They decide to destroy the list so the returned can’t be easily traced.

Bellamy sets off a fire alarm and the soldiers allow the people in the gym to flee. Bellamy urges them to run as they exit the building. Fred, hearing the alarm, runs over with his men and tells the soldiers to stop letting them escape, there’s no fire. One of his deputies has a problem with the word “escape” because one of his relatives is a returned and he thought they were trying to help them. Fred fires the guy. Then he lets crazy Gary out of jail and rounds up some other townspeople to round up the ones who got away.

Bellamy overpowers Deputy Carl who has been assigned to watch the Langstons house. He warns the family they must leave. Instead they ask him to take Jacob and leave, believing he’ll have a better chance. Just after they leave, Fred shows up and orders his men to search the house. He says it’s the federal government doing it and he has no choice. Lucille slaps him…hard.

When Fred gets back to the gym, the guards are handcuffing people and holding them at gunpoint, including his daughter Maggie. The realization that he may have gone too far dawns on him. He calls out to Maggie, “I’ll fix this.” She replies tersely, “Haven’t you done enough?”

Bellamy is taking an old back road when he is stopped by something he sees ahead. He gets out to look and discovers a huge pile of cicada shells. One flies up to him and hovers. Just then a helicopter descends and there are federal vehicles approaching from both directions. He and Jacob are surrounded. Jacob clings to Bellamy, pulling down the back collar of his shirt as he does so. A crescent moon-shaped birth mark is revealed. It is the same shape described by that African American family. They were looking for their son who got separated from them during the flood that took their lives. They are Bellamy’s family and he either didn’t know or played dumb!

Whether the helicopter and cars were friendly or not wasn’t clear. Have they come to rescue Bellamy and Jacob or return them to the gym? “Resurrection” hasn’t been cleared for a season 2 yet so we may never find out.

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