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'Resurrection' finale clip: Arcadia will become a town under siege

Fans of "Resurrection" know that the returned will continue to increase in the small town of Arcadia during the big season one finale. Following Rachel's death, the number of returned people increased dramatically. In fact, Rachel returned once again at the end of the last episode. Death is not the end on this series. That much is clear. It is just not known why the dead return. On April 28, Spoiler TV shared the first sneak peek released for this episode, "Resurrection" episode 1x08 titled "Torn Apart."

The military will arrive and cause chaos in Arcadia.
Photo by Jason Merritt

What happens during this brief clip? Bellamy, Maggie, and Tom are shown leaving the church with a few others. Their attention is quickly focused on the army trucks arriving on scene. One man steps out, and he approaches the group. He quickly asks for Bellamy, and he steps forward to identify himself. The man nods once as he looks at him. That is where the clip ends. It isn't revealed why the army has come to town, but the number of people returning from the dead could be the cause.

Jacob is not alone in town anymore. It was thought he would be after Rachel was killed. However, Jacob revealed that he was helping a family of returned people that look to come from the 1950s or earlier. One man even walked into the police station looking for help. He asked for the date in his confusion, and he didn't even know what a computer was. Maggie's own mother even returned, but she didn't come home. She went to the home of the other man in her life instead.

Photos for the episode do tease some of the drama to come. Bellamy will call in for help, but it is not likely the arrival of the military is due to his call. Sheriff Fred will make his own call, and it will lead to the town being put under seige. Did he call in the military? Fans will need to tune in to find out. The finale for this series is set to air on Sunday night on ABC. It is not yet known if the series will return for a second season.

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