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Resurrection fern ...a true local southern welcome to the Easter season

Resurrection fern in tree
Resurrection fern in tree

One of the true icons of the south, and more especially during the season of advent is Polypodium polypodiodes, or the resurrection fern.

This epiphyte grows attached to branches of trees, and sometimes on rocks or dry ground.  It occurs in hardwood forests and throughout tropical America.  Resurrection fern is often found on large, spreading branches in old live oaks.

Resurrection fern is not a parasite.  It gets its water and nutrients from rain and dust, and causes no harm to the tree that supports it.                                           

 It is sometimes sold as a novelty item in gift shops and as a mail-order "miracle plant" on the back covers of magazines.

But all in all, resurrection fern brings us to an awareness of what the Easter season is about.

To many resurrection fern represents the reason for the Easter season.


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