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'Resurrection' episode 6: Will Pastor Tom's congregation harm the returned?

Mark Hildreth plays Pastor Tom Hale on "Resurrection"
Mark Hildreth plays Pastor Tom Hale on "Resurrection"
ABC (Screen Capture)

"Resurrection" is an addicting show that leaves viewers with a lot of questions. Tomorrow night another episode of the show will air and a sneak peek reveals that there are a lot of people who don't believe the returned are who they claim to be. On April 12, Carter Matt posted spoilers for the sixth episode of "Resurrection," which reveal that the congregation of Pastor Tom's church not only don't trust the returned, but want to get rid of them.

A sneak peek for episode 6, titled "Home," shows Pastor Tom admitting to his congregation that he thinks Jacob is exactly who he claims to be. Suddenly someone walks in and asks if he feels the same way about Caleb Richards. He wants to know why "a gift from God" would be brought back to steal and murder. The church is starting to get riled up and one woman stands up and says that young Jacob could be dangerous. The same woman says later that nobody will be safe until the "demons are put away for good."

Pastor Tom tries to get Agent Bellamy to answer a few questions from the congregation, but he doesn't really have any answers. All he can tell them is that they have identified three people who have returned from the dead. At this, the church members start to get even more angry.

ABC posted promotional photos for "Resurrection" episode 6 upcoming episode. One features Jacob, being held protectively by his mom while the whole church talks about him. Another photo shows Lucille putting her hands over Jacob's ears and then there is the shot of two men in the church having a physical fight.

It sounds like the town residents are starting to panic and are reacting to their fear of the unknown. History has shown that when groups of people start to let their fear take over, it can result in violence. Will "Resurrection" episode 6 see Jacob get hurt? Or will he be the next to disappear like Caleb did? Tune in to ABC on April 13 to find out what will happen with the returned.