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‘Resurrection’ episode 5 spoilers revealed: Caleb warns Bellamy

Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Spoilers for episode 5 of “Resurrection” reveal that Agent Bellamy will be getting an important warning from Caleb. The Salt Lake Tribune reports on April 4 that Bellamy will also struggle with keeping Jacob safe during the next episode titled “Insomnia.”

The mystery of the returned continues to haunt the town of Arcadia, and “Insomnia” will slowly start to deliver some answers. Caleb seems to have a unique understanding of the situation, but he is hiding many factors from Bellamy and his own family. However, he is willing to warn the agent that more people will be returning from the dead.

Bellamy has his own secrets he does not want to share with Arcadia, but his past will come back to haunt him and threaten the returned. As he struggles to keep Jacob safe, he will be questioning the present and the past in the town.

The return of Caleb has created several difficulties for Elaine, and she faces a new issue by having to find the money he hid from robbing a bank. The FBI may be close to coming to Arcadia, so this could create multiple problems for the families dealing with the dead who have come back to life.

The connection between Caleb and Jacob continues to be explored on “Resurrection,” and viewers previously learned they have similar sleeping and eating habits now. After Jacob’s family discovers wrappers under his bed, there are questions about why he is always hungry and what it means for the rest of the returned.