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‘Resurrection’ episode 4 spoilers revealed: Jacob and Caleb are connected

Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Spoilers for episode 4 of “Resurrection” reveal that Jacob and Caleb have a unique connection. The Epoch Times reports on March 30 that the “Us Against the World” episode will feature a hunt for Caleb who has decided to hide after a murder in Arcadia.

Jacob shares surprising information with Maggie about being able to sense Caleb is in a factory without actually seeing him. The odd connection between them shocks Maggie who is not sure how to react. Caleb is running because Dale is dead, and he is the primary suspect, but Jacob’s ability to find him could put a stop to his plans.

Agent Bellamy and Sheriff Fred are forced to work together as they search for Caleb and more clues about the dead coming back to life. The entire town continues to struggle with the returned, and Pastor Tom Hale is having a hard time understanding how Rachel could come back. Meanwhile, Jacob’s seizure gives Maggie the chance to examine him and find something strange.

“Resurrection” may not be done bringing back the dead, and the appearance of Rachel could signal the return of others. As the current characters are forced to adjust their lives with each return, the inability to predict who will be next is creating an additional strain. Henry is a perfect example of how a father has difficulty coping with the idea of his son being back from the dead because it involves the memory of mourning him the first time.