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‘Resurrection’ episode 3 spoilers

Marty Bellamy and Maggie investigate Jacob's death
ABC / Media images

Fans of “Resurrection”, a hot new series airing on ABC, can look forward to a shocking turn of events tonight when episode 3 airs, reports Broadway World on March 23. This time, Pastor Tom is in for some shocking news that will further stretch the bounds of his faith.

Meanwhile, viewers finally get the chance to peer inside Jacob’s tomb to find out who or what was buried there 32 years ago. Although no one is saying exactly what Marty Bellamy and Maggie discover when they unveil Jacob’s grave, it is reported to complicate Henry’s struggle to accept that returned-from-the-dead Jacob really is the 8-year-old son he buried 32 years ago.

The River, it seems, holds a mystery that is yet to be unveiled as Marty and Maggie work diligently to find the connection between Jacob and Caleb’s death and the role the river plays in their mysterious return from the dead.

Caleb’s unsavory past comes back to haunt him as the community discovers that he robbed a bank just days before he departed from this world over 30 years ago.

Tune in to “Resurrection” Sunday nights at 9/8 Central.

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