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‘Resurrection’ episode 2 spoilers

'Resurrection' episode 2
'Resurrection' episode 2
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Episode 2 of “Resurrection” airs on March 16 and promises to bring viewers more questions than answers. According to a March 14 report on, the opening scene of episode 2 may send chills up your spine, but that’s only theatrics. The focus of the series is family relationships and how members react when people begin returning from the dead.

Last week viewers watched as Jacob, an 8-year-old boy, miraculously returned from the dead after a drowning accident that occurred 32 years ago. While Jacob’s aging parents alternated between elation and disbelief, Elaine, whose father had died when she was 19-years-old, suddenly receives a visit from dear old dad, Caleb. This premiere episode set the stage for a series of mysteries that cannot be explained.

This week’s episode, “Unearth”, goes a step further to determine whether Jacob is really who he appears to be. Despite confirmation via DNA testing that Jacob is their son, his parents and community continue to question his true identity. The only way to know for sure, they theorize, is to unearth Jacob’s tomb to find out whom they buried 32 years ago.

Meanwhile, suspicions that Caleb, Elaine and Ray’s long-dead father, is hiding something plague Ray while Elaine celebrates the miraculous return of her father.

Is there a connection between Jacob and Caleb’s deaths and return to the community? Are they really who they claim to be or is there something more ominous behind it all?

Tune into “Resurrection” on ABC Sunday nights at 9/8 Central to find out what lurks in Jacob’s tomb and what Caleb has been hiding.

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