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Resurrection deja vu

Resurrection Cast
Resurrection Cast
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Resurrection is reminding many viewers of some past television shows. Some viewers remember Omar Epps from the famous television show House. This may not be the same as the medical mysteries we saw on House, but it is a new kind of mystery. It is a strange, new, and unusual case for him to solve. His character has help, of course, from Barbara Langston, the doctor of the family which Jacob returned to. She is just as curious as Omar Epps’s character and wants to learn the truth behind her cousin Jacob and possibly the death of her mother, who died along with Jacob in a river accident thirty two years earlier, when she was just a baby.
Other popular shows that come to mind are shows like The 4400 and Lost. The 4400, of course, is very similar in many ways. Is it aliens? Are they from the future? Where are these individuals returning from? Why did they all come back? Why at the same time? These are all questions viewers are asking about Resurrection and they are the same questions we thought up during The 4400.
Hopefully answers will be revealed in this show faster than during The 4400. We got some answers as the individuals starting displaying strange abilities. Will the returned on Resurrection eventually start doing the same? Will they ever remember where they were or what happened to them while they were missing? A big difference is the fact that in The 4400 the people simply disappeared, but in Resurrection they died. These people are coming back to life in a way. It seems like they are copies of people who died previously in this one small town. The 4400 was worldwide.
Another show mentioned earlier is Lost. Of course, Lost is another version of a strange mystery. A plane crash landed a plane full of people onto a deserted island. Throughout the many seasons viewers wondered where they were, especially as the mysterious island continued to surprise viewers with its science fiction element. The end of the series revealed some secrets about what really happened to these individuals stuck on the island. Hopefully we do not have to wait for the finale to know the answers to Resurrection.
Hopefully Resurrection lasts long enough to reveal the answers. If it does as well as show listed above it will slowly reveal new secrets to viewer’s overtime. Though, with its science fiction element it is hard to say if the show will stick with viewers. Shows like Invasion and Surface lasted only one season before being cancelled because the science fiction confused some viewers and forced other viewers to turn away from the show. Hopefully they will add the science fiction elements slowly to not scare away all the viewers who are not natural science fiction fans.