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‘Resurrection’: Caleb Richards returns from the dead with mysterious secrets

Marty Bellamy and Jacob
Marty Bellamy and Jacob
ABC / Media images

This week’s episode of “Resurrection”, which aired on March 16, followed the family and friends of Caleb Richards as they come to terms with his return from the dead. Caleb Richards, the second person to return from the dead claims to have no memory of his death and that the last thing he remembers is driving a vehicle and thinks he passed out or developed amnesia. Elaine, his daughter, is elated to have her dad back and doesn’t care how it happened, but brother Ray isn’t convinced he is who he says he is.

Caleb Richards died when Elaine was 19 from a heart attack. He was found in the woods by a friend. Caleb denies any memory of his death and claims to have amnesia.

Medical examinations confirm that Caleb is in good health, but that he had a massive heart attack three days ago – the time when he claims he awoke.

Elaine flashes back to memories of his father’s funeral when she tucked a note inside his jacket pocket. When she checks the jacket from the returned-from –the-dead Caleb the note is not there. We later see Caleb open his Bible and unfold the note that Elaine had written to her dead father.

Caleb continues to act suspicious throughout the episode until he heads out to the woods and begins digging for something. At this point, he flashes back to his own heart attack in the woods.

He later knocks on the door of an unknown character and says “Everything is gone. Tell me it isn't all gone!” He proceeds to enter the home and appears to attack the homeowner.

What dark secret is Caleb hiding and is he willing to kill for it?

To find out, tune in to “Resurrection” Sunday nights at 9/8 Central on ABC.

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