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'Resurrection:' Brad Pitt teams with NY Times best seller of 'The Returned'

NY Times Bestselling author Jason Mott
NY Times Bestselling author Jason Mott
Fallon Davis

Not often do we get the chance to find out the inspiration behind our favorite television shows. We all know great books make for great TV-especially the top sellers.

Jason Mott, author responsible for the New York Times best seller The Returned has taken his book to the big screen.

Jason Mott talks about connecting with Brad Pitt to create the show Resurrection

The Returned is a global story about people who have passed on and returned from the dead. Leaving their loved ones confused of this miracle, forcing the world to accept it. The story of The Returned centers around a couple that lost their eight year-old child in a drowning. Over thirty years later, the couple, in their 70’s, gets a knock on the door from their son-still eight years old and alive in the flesh.

How do you come up with an idea like this many might ask. Well, if you are from a town with only 700 people, there is plenty of time for inspiration. Originally from North Carolina, Mott came up with the idea from a dream one night. After telling family members about his vision and having several public readings, they all thought it would make a compelling story.

In fact, the story was so surreal, the New York Times put The Returned on the best sellers list. This achievement made Jason a household name overnight.

With the positive response from critics, The Returned caught the eye of Oscar and Grammy award-winning actor Brad Pitt. Pitt, impressed with the storyline, contacted Mott in regards to making a television series based on the story The Returned, under his production company Plan B. The ABC series Resurrection pilot starring Omar Epps launched Sunday, March 9, 2014.

Resurrection is a spinoff from The Returned with stories of people returning from the grave and coming back to love ones.

To learn more about Jason Mott, his vision and collaboration with Plan B productions, check out the interview on YouTube.

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