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“Resurrection Afterlife” available in November

Resurrection Afterlife
Lia Scott Price

As you know by now, I’ve been covering the “Vampire Guardian Angel” comic series from creator and writer. Lia Scott Price.

I’ve actually been work with Lia for years now, and when it comes to independent artists, Lia is in a league of her own. From her work as an author and filmmaker, Lia has now brought her characters to life in graphic form with the help of two very talented artists, Chad Hammontree and Andrew Setter.

Having the privilege of being on board with this project from day one, I’ve enjoyed watching the series grow into a very strong collection in just the first three issues. The series will be featured at this years Comikaze convention. Lia will be in person along with her artists at the Los Angeles Convention Center on November 1-3 to promote the series. For more information on the convention and other guests, check out the Comikaze website:

When I first started covering the series, I was immediately attracted to the incredible classic Frank Miller comic book style. The story is incredible, it’s original, and it’s like nothing else you’ll find at your local comic shop. Since the first issue, the artwork has only gotten better, and with every new issue, Chad Hammontree and Andrew Setter are refining their craft.

Issue four of the Vampire Guardian Angels comic series, “Resurrection Afterlife”, is set to publish this November with a sneak peak of the cover artwork above.

The series features serial-killer vampires who can only find their victims through their prayers of despair. It's a "what-If" view of your guardian angel, as in "what if" they became homicidal, vicious vampires? And you happened to pray to one? They've traded their halos for fangs, and they are sick of helping humans. They'd rather eat you than save you.

The comic book series also features cameos by local metal bands, and Experimental/Progressive metal band Mesmeric ( makes an appearance in Issue 4.

Vampire Guardian Angels™ Resurrection: Afterlife (Issue 4) is set for publication in November, 2013.

For more info on the series, visit

It’s a great series! Get over to to get your copy of the first three issues now! I’ll be sure to let you know when the 4th issue is coming out, and as always, you can check back here for a review shortly after.

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