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'Resurrection' 1x07 sneak peek: The returned start to flood in

Caleb promised more people would return on "Resurrection." That promise will become reality on the next episode, "Resurrection" episode 1x07 titled "Schemes of the Devil." On April 14, Spoiler TV shared the first sneak peek released for the episode, and the truth of those words by Caleb becomes painfully clear really quickly.

Caleb's statement will come true on Resurrection.
The Official Resurrection Facebook

The clip shows a scene at the sheriff's station. One man looks very confused, and he asks what the year is. The phone rings, and the receptionist runs out because her sister is back. After the first phone call, the other phones in the office begin to ring, and it is hinted that even more people have returned from the dead.

"Resurrection" has joined with "Once Upon A Time" on Sunday nights to make ABC a winner with the ratings. TV By The Numbers reported on Monday that the pair of series topped the ratings for Sunday night against other regular series programming for the sixth week in a row. This ABC series also brings in viewers after the fact. Playback and DVR viewers add even more to the total for the series, and it is beating out "Believe" on NBC. In fact, it was reported that "Resurrection" doubles the amount of viewers for the freshman series.

It is not yet clear if ABC will renew this series for a second season. Those involved with the series have a plan in mind for the season finale, and that episode will follow this one. That means this series was only given an eight episode season by the network. The ratings have shown that the series is popular, so that does give it a better a chance at renewal, but it all depends on what ABC decides.

Is there enough story to tell to continue on for a second season? What do you think? Would you tune in for season two of this series if it returns next year?

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