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‘Resurrection’ 1x07 ‘Schemes of the Devil’ ends with a death and lots of ‘return

‘Resurrection’ 1x07 ‘Schemes of the Devil’ ends with a death and lots of ‘returned’
‘Resurrection’ 1x07 ‘Schemes of the Devil’ ends with a death and lots of ‘returned’
Photo by Frederick M. Brown

In an episode that kept the tension high, this week’s “Resurrection” was a real nail-biter. Hollywood Life posted on April 27 and asked if Rachel actually dies in the episode. That’s a complex question.

As the show opens, Pastor Tom tells Agent Bellamy and Maggie that Rachael is missing and has been since the incident at the church. Maggie thinks she may have vanished the way Caleb did. Marty hopes that Jacob will be able to sense if she’s close by, the way he was able to with Caleb. He calls Lucille and asks her to bring the boy over. Jacob isn’t thrilled about going because he’s finally made a friend, Jenny, at the park. Tom grills the boy but he doesn’t know anything about Rachel.

Sheriff Fred meets up with his brother, Henry, for breakfast at the local diner. Henry brings up their father’s old factory and says he wants to get it going again. Fred thinks this is foolhardy. Henry is feeling optimistic since Jacob’s return, saying, “That boy has brought life into my house again.”

Back at home, Jacob has a tantrum when Lucille won’t let him return to the park to play with his new friend. He runs to his room and when Lucille checks on him later, he is gone. Afraid he has vanished like Caleb, Lucille and Henry frantically look for him. They eventually find him at the park with Jenny. He promised he’d help her and her family because they are just like him.

While the park story is unfolding, Maggie and Dr. Ward are working in the lab trying to understand the returned. Eric asks to see Caleb’s blood samples but the vials are empty. It’s not a refrigeration problem because Jacob’s and Rachel’s samples are just fine. Eric shows Maggie the results of a test he’s done using Jacob’s blood mixed with a sample that has leukemia. Jacob’s blood removes the leukemia from the infected blood. She asks where the leukemia sample came from and he tells her it was his own. He was diagnosed last year. He asks Maggie to come with him to Maryland to further their research. She’ll think about it.

When she meets up with Elaine, she tells her about Eric’s offer. She isn’t sure she should go. When Elaine asks her what is keeping her in Arcadia, Maggie is unable to answer.

Gary still has Rachael up in that cabin. She is tied up and he’s questioning her about who or what she is and why she’s here. He, too, assumes the returned can sense each other and wants to know where Caleb is. She is crying and telling him she has no idea. Gary’s friends, including the deputy, are growing increasingly uneasy with where this is going. They want to let her go but he says no and tells them to leave and keep their mouths shut.

Marty and Tom have continued to look for Rachel. They spot Gary’s truck still parked at the church. Since he started the whole ruckus, they wonder if he has Rachel. They take their fears to Sheriff Fred but he says they have no proof, just conjecture and he can’t do anything. Carl comes in acting funny and Fred get suspicious. He corners Carl and then Fred ends up at Gary’s cabin.

He tries talking to Gary and promises to let him go if he’ll just let Rachel go. Gary refuses and pulls a gun on them. Marty and Tom arrive and Marty draws his sidearm. Tom believes Gary won’t harm him and he tries talking to him. He inches closer while he’s talking but Gary keeps yelling for him to stay back. Rachel tries to break free and Gary shoots her. She falls to the floor. The Sheriff grabs Gary and Tom holds Rachel while she dies a second time.

When Sheriff Fred gets back to the station, things begin to get hairy. A man in a suit walks in saying he is lost. He is confused by the paved highway and has never seen a computer. All the phones start ringing and reports of other returned start pouring in.

Marty is heading back to town too. He calls Maggie to let her know about Rachel. She tells him about Eric’s invitation, hoping he’ll ask her not to go. He doesn’t want her to go but he knows this could be a good move for her so he encourages her to go. He stops talking because ahead, there is a woman walking in the road. He slows and she turns. It is Rachel…again.

Sheriff Fred realizes the dead are returning and he abandons the station, racing home to see if his wife Barbara has come back. The front door is open but when he enters, it is just Maggie. She had the same thought. He doesn’t speak but leaves her sitting at the kitchen table.

Maggie realizes her mom may have gone elsewhere. She knocks on the door of the man her mother had been having an affair with when she died. Inside, she finds Barbara, alive and well.

Why have so many of Arcadia’s dead started to return? Will they stay or vanish like Caleb? “Resurrection” will be back next week with a new episode on ABC. Hopefully we will find out then.

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