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Resume building tips: Part 1

Building resumes take time.
Marquis Hayes

Jobs are an essential part of every college student’s life because they provide both money and on the job experience. Finding a job over the summer can be an arduous task for some college students, but a student can overcome this obstacle by building a resume. Resumes are the most important part of the application process.

A student must supply an updated resume when undergoing the application process for a job. Resumes are filled with a student’s experiences from awards to community service. They are necessary for a recruiter/company to take a brief look at ones achievements and skills. Resumes can greatly benefit or ruin a student’s chance of getting a job.

A student should build a resume from the time he/she enters high school until he/she retires. Resumes are ever-changing because a student’s experiences, jobs, and skills continue to grow over time. It is wise to tailor a resume to match the requirements for a particular job if necessary.

Detailing experiences from one’s previous jobs and listing one’s transferable skills are important when editing a resume. If a student applies for a job at McDonald’s, then he/she could include previous customer service, cooking, and/or managing experience. Transferable skills are abilities acquired from one job that can be used in another.

Keep these ideas in mind when thinking of the importance and mechanics of a resume. Start building now, and be prepared to refine it when the time comes.

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