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Results from this weekends Texas fighting game tournaments

Tournaments and events in Early June Texas 2014
Tournaments and events in Early June Texas 2014
Insomnia VGC

It was a hectic weekend of tournament action all over the state of Texas. When all was said and done, hundreds of players came out for the Curleh Mustache UMvC3 event at San Antonio's Ultra Arcade, the USF4 tournaments at Insomnia VGC in Houston and in Dallas at Project A-Kon 25, and finally Tekken Tag 2/Smash Bros Melee action at GameGuys in Houston. So much competition went on, but there can be only one when it comes to tournament winners.

Curleh Mustache South

At Insomnia, 34 players attended, many big local names like Display Lag's Adeel "FourWude" Soomro, BrolyLegs, Nytemare Raven, Kensou, and many others came out for the first official USF4 tournament. It would come down to FourWude and Broly in the grand finals, with Adeel taking it all and only dropping two games in the whole tournament. Over in Dallas at Project A-Kon, Team VGP held it down over the rest of the 35 player USF4 field and swept the top 3, NashFan taking first, Chaotix was 2nd, and Integra in 3rd. At GameGuys, GG Mojo defeated AG Arc in order to claim the Super Smash Bros Melee title. In Tekken, Texas Showdown 2014 champion Rene "GameGuys DJ KOR" Maistry defeated Vick to win the crown.

Finally, at the much hyped Curleh Mustache South UMvC3 tournament, many of the best players in Texas, Jan Del Rio, Scrubeks, AJ Tucker, GoX, Denial Danke, JDoge, JayTo, Terry Bogard and others took on players from out of state and Mexico, including defending Evo 2013 UMvC3 champion RG Flocker. Texas players dominated the top 8, but it would be the Evo champ Flocker winning over Houston's Terry Bogard in his home state. Fellow Houstonians Jan and JDoge were able to crack the top 8.