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Results from latest Bound Boxing Academy USA Amateur show

Bout #2 (top right) Felicia Soria (r) from Soldiers of God Boxing Program, Fontana, has her arm raised in victory after she defeated Andrea Iniguez (l) of the Alliance Training Center, Chula Vista.
Bout #2 (top right) Felicia Soria (r) from Soldiers of God Boxing Program, Fontana, has her arm raised in victory after she defeated Andrea Iniguez (l) of the Alliance Training Center, Chula Vista.
Jim Wyatt

March 21, 2014

During intermission, several young boxers of renown were introduced (l to r) pro boxer, super featherweight Nonito Gesta, amateur Juan Medina (who won a Silver Medal in the recent California State Silver Gloves competition), pro boxer Amaris Quintana who
Jim Wyatt

The latest USA Amateur Boxing show was held Friday evening at the Bound Boxing Academy on Broadway in Chula Vista. Now I’m certain you’ve heard the expression “Standing room only.” Friday’s show was so packed even a sardine would have felt restricted. And still the fans kept pouring in. With that being said, I feel a sense of pride in reporting that in all my days of covering sporting events, I’ve never seen a more respectful, well mannered group of patrons.

In Bout #1, it was 15 year-old Anthony Lethan of the Soldiers of God Boxing Program, Fontana, CA (117.2 pounds) being awarded the split decision victory over 16 year-old Talon Caravalho of the House of Boxing in Paradise Hills (116.2 pounds).

With the boxers taking turns to land their quick flurries in round one, it was extremely difficult to score. By round two, Lethan started to take charge. He took more chances and in contrast landed more of the fully extended blows to the head. Even though it appeared Lethan had taken round two, it was Lethan who returned to his corner with the bloody nose.

In the final round, Caravalho made a good account of himself, but by this time the judges may have already made up their minds to go with Lethan. For this boxing pundit, the bout was almost too close to call.

Bout #2 featured the ladies, 34 year-old Andrea Iniguez of the Alliance Training Center, Chula Vista (123.6 pounds) going up against the 17 year-old, southpaw Felicia Soria from the Soldiers of God Boxing program, Fontana (123.6 pounds).

Taking stock of the entire bout, Iniguez may have thrown more punches, but Soria’s punches landed with more thrust and at a much higher percentage. It didn’t take long before Iniguez had supreme confidence in her almost lethal straight lefts and left hooks which landed at will.

In Bout #3, it was 13 year-old Felix Soria, another southpaw, Felicia Soria’s younger brother, from the same Soldiers of God Boxing program (93.7 pounds) going up against 12 year-old Carlos Sanchez of the Alliance Training Center, Chula Vista, CA (97.8 pounds).

Despite being a year younger, much shorter and on the receiving end of all these hard, straight lefts to the head, Sanchez never quit and like his counterpart kept throwing these one punch attempts to land the knockout blow. The problem with his strategy, it left him open and defenseless against Soria’s more controlled combinations.

If it’s any consolation, Sanchez did end up finishing strong and landed the final three punches of this very entertaining bout.

In Bout #4, it was 15 year-old Daniel Andujo of Temecula Boxing (108 pounds) going up against 15 year-old Rodolfo Ortigoza of Penacho Boxing (110.6 pounds).

After Andujo roughed up the opposition in eight prior bouts, it appears the Ortigoza camp came prepared to not only handle Andujo’s tactics but to exploit them.

As Andujo pressed forward, Ortigoza would pepper him with these stiff jabs, jabs that kept throwing him off course. Meanwhile he’d sidestep Andujo’s smothering tactics as if he were a matador, often countering with the better leveraged hard left and rights to the head.

Question for observers: How should we appraise this bout? Did Andujo simply have an off-night? Or was Ortigoza’s masterful performance a portent of what we can expect in the future?

In Bout #5, it was 10 year-old Alfredo “El Tortuga” Franco of United Boxing & Fitness, Chula Vista (77.8 pounds) going up against 11 year-old Julian “Mexican” Rojas from the host gym Bound Boxing, Chula Vista (77.6 pounds). This was the third bout for both.

In round #1, with neither boxer outshining the other, there was an all time record set for the most punches ever thrown. Their furious battle continued in rounds #2 and #3. In the end, the decision went to Rojas who throughout the bout proved to have better leverage on his punches.

Bout #6 featured two, 13 year-old featherweights, Khalil Flatts (130 pounds) of the I Can, I Will Boxing program going up against Luis “El Tuberon” Lorenzo of Intensity MMA (130 pounds).

Like most orthodox boxers, the taller Flatts, in his Amateur debut, had problems defensing Lorenzo’s powerful left. To put it bluntly, he was almost helpless as these looping left hooks landed square. As a result, Flatts was issued two standing 8-counts, one in round one and a second in round two. Flatts held his own in the final stanza after Lorenzo slowed his frantic pace.

Bout #7 featured two heavy hitters, super middleweights, 23 year-old Cristian Olivas (162 pounds) of Intensity MMA in South San Diego going up against 20 year-old Ivan Beltran of United Boxing, Chula Vista (160 pounds).

After Olivas, the straight ahead brawler, landed the heavier blows in round one, back came Beltran with his quicker combinations to out box Olivas in round two. Their hotly contested final round was won by Beltran who just wouldn’t let up as his exuberant fan base cheering wildly right up until the final bell.

In Bout #8, you had 21 year-old Armando Tovar from the House of Boxing (141.4 pounds) coming away with the victory over the more experienced and taller, 25 year-old Raul Meza of the Alliance Training Center (141 pounds).

This bout had so many momentum swings, it truly was a miracle the judges could come up with an irrefutable winner. After a back and forth slugfest in round one, Tovar dominated in round two, then back came Meza to take command in round three.

Bout #9 had 15 year-old Jose Ortiz (134.5 lbs.) from Barrio Station, San Diego going up against the taller, 16 year-old Jorge “The Eagle” Zepeda (137.8 pounds) of United Boxing, Chula Vista, who after training just seven months was making his Amateur debut.

Round one featured some furious exchanges with Zepeda landing the straighter, better leveraged punches. At the close of the round, Ortiz walked back to his corner with his head lowered and blood trickling from his nose.

In between rounds, Ortiz must have received some valuable advice because when he came out for round two, he seemed more assertive. He went straight at Zepeda with this smothering attack spearheaded by this short, left uppercut.

After a stoppage to have blood wiped from his face, Ortiz went right back to work and eventually finished the round with Zepeda being trapped in his corner. After Zepeda was on the receiving end of that final flurry, we now had two boxers with bloody noses.

In the hotly contested final round, it appeared Ortiz had more left in the tank and won the judges over by pounding Zepeda’s midsection and again using that left uppercut.

Bout #10 featured 13 year-old Jorge Agriss (91.4 pounds) of San Diego’s House of Boxing taking on 12 year-old Alfredo Vargas (91.4 pounds) of United Boxing of Chula Vista. As far as experience level, Agriss had six USA bouts under his belt while Vargas had a record of 4 wins and 5 losses.

In both rounds one and two, Vargas was in charge by staying small, getting in under the radar to land more of the cleaner shots to both the head and body. When the pace slowed in round three, Agriss had more success., especially after taking that one step back to get the full extension on his punches. He clearly outpointed Vargas in the final round.

The next USA Amateur Boxing show is scheduled for Saturday, March 29, 2014 at the Victory Outreach Ministry at 4235 National Avenue, San Diego, CA, 92113. Your contact person for pre-matches is Arnulfo Mendivil at (619) 288-3872. You can always check out the upcoming schedule by going to:

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