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Results from last nights Houston tournaments

Yesterday, players from all over Texas flocked into Houston for pre-Texas Showdown events held across the city. Early in the day at GameGuys, the Official Sponsor of Texas Showdown, held tournaments for Super Street Fighter 4 AE 2012, Killer Instinct, and King of Fighters 13. In Killer Instinct, GameGuys own CharlieBoy and Swoldier took 2nd and 1st respectively, fighting off a tough challenge from Danny Kong. GameGuys P-Cutta took down Insomnia's Nytemare Raven in the SF4 grand finals to make it 2 in a row for the home squad. GameGuys Sinx took 3rd. In KOF, players from Austin and San Antonio showed up to challenge the local players. In the end it would be Ricardo from Houston fending off Austinites Don and Sendo to take home the title and make it a Houston sweep at GameGuys.

Houston tournaments from 3/29/2014
Houston tournaments from 3/29/2014
Kombat Houston
Winner from last night's Insomnia AE2012 tournament
Insomnia VGC

Later on that day at Insomnia VGC, they would host one of the largest SF4 tournaments since the last Texas Showdown. 50 players entered, and there were players from all over the city and players from Dallas in attendance. Former Insomnia champions were spread across the bracket, Adeel "Display Lag Four Wude" Soomro, GameGuys Pcutta, Swagner, Jan Del Rio, and many others.

As the top seed, Adeel took down Gladiator, Dallas's Ahnmeister, and GameGuys Sinx to make it to the top 4 in winners. On the other side of his half of the bracket, fourth seeded Hamad "Display Lag MVP" Akbar defeated PHS Juices, Machete, and Chuvylicious from Dallas to meet up with his fellow DL player Adeel. Third seed Nytemare Raven, fueled by not winning at GameGuys, stormed through PHS Dumpling, BeastChan23, and Dallas's Integra to make the top 4 in winners. Second seeded GG P-Cutta had a tough matchup against TXS Raph Stryker, but was able to overcome him and RM TBoykin from Dallas. However, his run to join the other top 4 seeds would end prematurely at the hands, or mouth, of Brolylegs. Broly raced through David, Reach, and P-Cutta without dropping a game. He then took down Raven 2-0 as well to make it to the winners final. On the other half, Hamad would defeat Adeel in the DL civil war and make it to the winners final. In the winners final, Hamad would continue his solid Fei-Long play and defeat Broly's Chun-Li 3-1.

On the losers side of the bracket, Fallen had an impressive run, after losing early in the tournament to Reach, taking down Kombat Houston Kat, RT Buster, Nhem Lee, TXS Raph, and Integra to make the top 8. He would end up tied for 7th place, losing to Machete. Machete lost on the winners side to Hamad, then defeated PHS Dumpling, 3nigmatic, P-Cutta, and Fallen before finishing in a 5th tie thanks to Adeel. Dallas's RM TBoykin was the only out of towner to crack the top 8. After losing to P-Cutta, TBoykin beat Gladiator, Reach and fellow Dallas player Chuvylicious before losing to GG Synx to tie for 7th. Synx would also end Nytemare Raven's night in the other 5th place match. Synx would end up in 4th place after losing to Adeel. Adeel then had to struggle through a tough best of 5 set against Broly. After losing the first two games with his well known Chun-Li, Broly switched up to Bison(Dictator), and took the next 2 games. The last game went down to the third round where Adeel would barely eek out the victory and get a shot at revenge against his DL brethren.

The grand finals between DL's Adeel and Hamad was full of momentum swings. Adeel would take game 1 convincingly, but then Hamad would sweep game 2. Adeel would dominate game 3, but Hamad stormed through game 4. Game 5, Hamad was sitting on championship point with the game going to the last round, but Adeel would come from behind to take the round, the game, and the first set to send Hamad to losers and force one final best of 5 set to determine the champion. Adeel has won many tournaments across Houston, meanwhile Hamad has been one of the fast rising up and coming players over the past year, something would have to give. Hamad would start off the set by taking the first game, but once again momentum swings ran rampant as Adeel took game 2. Hamad would easily take game 3, but Adeel would sweep game 4. Final game of the night, Hamad played very patient and took round 1 to get to championship point again. In round 2, Hamad held a huge advantage early, but that all evaporated thanks to an anti-air Ultra 1 demon setup. Now trying to come from behind, Hamad attempted to Ultra through Adeel's EX air fireballs, but ate the damage as a result. Hamad then landed a flame kick and a counter hit low sweep to kill off Akuma and win the tournament! Congratulations to Hamad Akbar, aka Display Lag MVP, aka Camel Eyes, aka White Tower Hamad, for winning his first tournament at Insomnia!

This coming Friday-Saturday, April 4-6, the largest fighting game tournament in Texas will take place in Houston, Tx. Texas Showdown Championships 2014 will feature 17 of the biggest and most popular games on the tournament circuit. Online registration has ended, but you can still register on Friday at the event, $50 venue fee and $10-15 per tournament depending on which game you wish to enter, or $15 for spectator passes. Follow them on their website, Twitter and Facebook for the latest news and updates. Follow me on Facebook or Twitter for the latest on anime and gaming events in Houston.

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