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Results from Insomnia's Tekken Tag 2 tournament 5/17/14

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Last night at Insomnia VGC, the best Tekken players in Houston came out to see who would come out on top in the latest Tekken Tag Tournament 2 battle of 2014. With the recent resurgence in the game, thanks to gatherings at Houston hot spots, GameGuys in Pasadena on Thursday nights and Insomnia on Tuesday nights, competition has really stepped up. 20 players in total came out, including Evolution Tekken 6 and multi Texas Showdown champion Rene "GameGuys DJ KOR" Maistry, multi Evo top 5 DevilJim, SBO USA Tekken representative Vic, and 2 time Evo Tekken 5 and multi Tx Showdown champion Chris "Crow" Villarreal.

KOR suffered a loss in his first match of the tournament! Losing 2-1 against the veteran Lei Wulong player L337V1N337. Crow would also lose early to LAWS Mike. In a special addition to the tournament, the team of Vic and Kwame, where each player controls one character, defeated NME before losing to Mike. Mike would also defeat JoJo in order to make it to the winners bracket final. On the other side, DevilJim defeated The Young Killa, Storm of Kicks, and AJ the Mishima in order to face LAWS Mike in the final. Jim would eventually win over Mike 3-1 to advance to the grand finals.

In the losers bracket, Crow and KOR stormed their way through to face each other in the 4th place fight. To this point, KOR had only dropped one game in the losers bracket. That changed quickly as Crow raced to an early 2-0 lead in their Bob/Slim Bob mirror match. KOR began to rally winning close rounds until finally tying it up at 2-2. In game 5, KOR made a couple of nice comebacks and then rolled at the end of the game to take the match. KOR used all of that momentum to defeat LAWS Mike 3-1 in the fight for 3rd, and then two sets 3-1, 3-0 against DevilJim in the grand finals to take home another win at Insomnia.


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