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Restyle your home for fall: 5 easy tricks

If you have the end of summer blues, try these 5 easy tips to get your home ready for a cozy fall.
If you have the end of summer blues, try these 5 easy tips to get your home ready for a cozy fall.

When the seasons change in West Michigan, so do our moods. After a lovely summer spent outdoors, even the most die hard vacation goers find comfort in winding down and getting cozy at home.  Here are 5 inexpensive ways to take your home from its summer style to a crisp new look for fall.

1. Break out the Flannel Sheets. If you don't have a favorite set of this cold weather staple, try bedding sites such as Garnet Hill or The Company Store

2. Bring in fall flowers or branches with colorful leaves from your yard. Simply fill a large sturdy vase or planter with these seasonal beauties and you have a trendy look for the dining table or entryway.  Potterybarn is a great source for decorating with branches and foliage.

3. Change Throw Pillows. Take a cue from fall foliage and choose orange, red, or brown colored prints in a variety of textures. If you are handy with a sewing machine, try DIY pillow covers made out of recycled wool sweaters.  For more ways to incorporate this cozy look into your fall decor check out this article from Country Living.

4. Fall Back on Lighting. Be sure to have plenty of lamps in all areas of the home. Indirect lighting versus harsh overhead lights casts a more inviting glow in every room. Don't forget to try them on a bookshelf or the kitchen countertop! Even in the most unexpected places, accent lamps can really change the mood. Try your local antique shop or Ebay for one of a kind finds.

5. It's All in the Details. Look around for accent pieces that bring a little color or drama to the home. A bold graphic table runner, a beautiful bowl for all those apples picked at the orchard, a cuddly throw blanket, a cake pedestal for baked goods, a new candle, or a special coffee mug are small changes but have big impact.