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Restoring the work/life balance in the workplace

Sometimes it takes a little letting go so that balance can be achieved in the workplace.
Sometimes it takes a little letting go so that balance can be achieved in the workplace.

Sometimes it is easy to forget that one has been working long hours. Those long hours turn into long days, and in turn, those long days turn into long weeks and months. Before you know it, six months or a year have past and it can’t be returned. Who wants to live like this? Overtime is great, but if you can’t enjoy the fruits of labor, it is not worth it. In order to restore the balance of time amongst the staff and build better relationships, employees just need to let go. Let go of responsibilities and redistribute the workload. While it may be difficult to do, the reality is that it is probably the best thing to combat fatigue, stress and burnout.

Have a serious conversation with the boss to discuss the workload. Be honest and forthright. More than likely he or she is not readily aware that there is an imbalance of work within the department because of their own workload. Bring a list to the meeting so that everything is out in the open and on the table.

No matter how hard it may seem, be ready and willing to give up something that has been on the desk for a long time. Just because it is being passed to someone else, doesn’t mean the one that has been doing it is a failure. Remember it is all about restoring a work/life balance. Be happy and graciously accept the help. It is time to say thank you and get on with living!

Perhaps the biggest thing to remember is the fact that there may be someone in the department who doesn’t have enough to do and is looking for more work. It’s probably the person that leaves first every day. Why not “share the love” so that everyone can leave on time for a change? The work gets distributed more evenly and the weary get to rest.

Remember that it is not always about who can do the most work. Relationships are only successful when they are built on communication. Work together as a team to restore the work/life balance in the workplace. Redistributing the work will help everyone feel less tired, more alert and perform better at their job.