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Restore thickened nail polish

Restored thickened nail polish using a 'nail polish thinner'
Amy Ha

Spring is here! It’s time to give your dark and nude polishes a well-deserved break while you dust off your old collection of pastel, neon, and fun colored nail polishes. Now, you’re fully equipped for a spring manicure, right? Not so quick. Have you ever opened an old bottle of nail polish just to find that the formula had dried out or thickened? Ahh, we all know the frustration of not getting the most use out of a nail polish bottle. Here’s one product that every nail polish collector needs in their possession: nail polish thinner. If you didn't know any better, you’d probably tried to add nail polish remover to your goopy nail polish. Don’t do that! Nail polish remover will completely break down your polishes; the same way polish is removed from your nails, essentially leaving you with no polish. You may have also been tempted to add a little water to your thickened nail polish…and a little more. See, nail polishes are not water soluble meaning that the two elements don’t mix, leaving you with almost no noticeable results. You've probably reached your breaking point by now, and reasoned with yourself that there are no more solutions besides to throw out your old polish and opt for a new one. That is until you've discovered nail polish thinner. Not many people know about nail polish thinner because it’s not widely advertised by the business. Who would want you to save your old polishes when you can throw it out and purchase more? With that, you can save yourself a ton of money (and polishes) if you went out and bought the one product that will add longevity to your nail polish collection. You can purchase nail polish thinner at your nearest beauty store or on the internet (I have yet to see them in mainstream drugstores). Sally’s Beauty Supply sells a bottle for $4.29 which will last you about a year. All you need to do to restore your thickened nail polish is to add 3 to 4 drops of the nail polish thinner and give it a good shake. Within seconds, your nail polish should return to its normal, easily applicable consistency, making all of your nail polishes virtually timeless.

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