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Restore American Jobs

The American Jobs Restoration Action Network has announced a series of upcoming meetings! There is a complete list of meeting times and locations at the bottom of this page. Please try to attend when it is convenient. For more information, log onto WWW.SOS-SaveOurSovereignty.US

Most Americans recognize that there is something wrong with the economy in our Country. Politicians at every level of Government have called for job creation, but none of them have a viable plan to increase work opportunities. Indeed, it is widely acknowledged that Government cannot create jobs. If anything, the multi-trillion dollar stimulus programs and the corporate bail outs have proved Government is incompetent in this area.

The only objective of this group is to return jobs, industries and factories to the USA. Since the 1970's, our Country has lost tens of millions of jobs, thousands of factories, entire industries and over 7 trillion dollars in the "free trade" business. These social and financial losses are due to a flawed trade policy which embraces "globalism' and "free markets" without concern for America and her citizens. As a result, America is caught up in a cycle of economic decline, structured unemployment and eroding wages. Our mission will be to reverse this trend.

This is an action group and we will be seeking individuals who are willing to participate in restoring jobs and opportunities for all Americans. We will identify the problems, discuss the solutions and embark on an action plan to Restore American Jobs. Americans must begin to produce for their own needs if our Country is to survive as a free, self-sufficient and independent Nation. Please try to attend. Please email any questions, thoughts or concerns to . God Bless America! 

                                                             Meeting Schedule

January 25, 2011       6:00PM         Lakes Library - 15290 Bass Rd, Fort Myers, Fl
February 1, 2011        6:00PM        Bonita Springs Library-26876 Pine Ave-Bonita Springs, FL
February 7, 2011        6:00PM        South Regional Library-21100 Three Oaks Pky, Fort Myers, FL
February 16, 2011      6:00PM        Cape Coral Library-921 SW 39th Terrace, Cape Coral, FL
February 22, 2011      6:00PM        Fort Myers Library-2050 Central Ave, Fort Myers, FL
February 26, 2011      2:00PM        NW Regional Library-519 Chiquita Blvd. N, Cape Coral, FL
March 1, 2011             6:00PM        Riverdale Library- 2421 Buckingham Rd, Fort Myers, FL
March 5, 2011           10:00AM        East County Library-881 Gunnery Rd, Lehigh Acres, FL
March 8, 2011             6:00PM        No Fort Myers Library-2001 No Tamiami Tr, No Fort Myers, FL
March 15, 2011           6:00PM        Dunbar Library-3095 Blount St, Fort Myers, FL


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