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Restore America – Increase All Immigration Restrictions

Ann Coulter on Legal and Illegal Immigration Restrictions
Ann Coulter on Legal and Illegal Immigration Restrictions
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By: Charles Benninghoff

Research of legal immigration over the past several decades commands a startling conclusion: Unless the United States applies a more even-handed immigration policy regarding who can or cannot enter the country, conservatives will no longer have a political voice within the next decade.

Our federal immigration policies are designed to push conservative Christians into a national minority. We will be unable to elect Christian candidates in the House, Senate or White House within just a few more years. Read more about how our federal immigration policies are destroying America by allowing anyone into the United States without any restrictions.

America currently has no standards for restricting the types of people we allow into this country. Through Executive Orders, Obama has even started allowing "low-level" terrorists into the US.

Ann Coulter points out; in a column she wrote, that Australia's immigration policies require that before allowing an immigrant into that country they must meet several standards. They must speak English, be educated, be young enough to contribute to the work force, and they must have job skills. This used to be our policy here.

Today, America is one of the only countries in the world that does not employ some standards for entry such as this. We currently import more than 1 million immigrants per year allowing only 13-percent because of their job skills and pushing the other 87-percent into the welfare state. We then have to educate them, feed them, house them, and take care of their medical expenses.

Look at these statistics to see if this makes sense. From 1986 to 2012, we allowed the following numbers of immigrants into the United States from various countries:

Nation: Iran, # of Immigrants: 358,586. Nation: Pakistan, # of Immigrants: 347,237. Nation: Nigeria, # of Immigrants: 227,497. Nation: Bangladesh, # of Immigrants: 215,164. Nation: Ethiopia, # of Immigrants: 202,518. Nation: Australia, # of Immigrants: 12,926.

Granted, people are less likely to move here from Australia, but the numbers should not be this lop-sided.

What this shows is that our government prefers to move unskilled, uneducated, non-English-speaking people (especially Muslims) here and move them onto the welfare rolls, ensuring a life of dependency and future Democrat voters when these immigrants achieve citizenship.

This plot to extinguish conservatism from America through immigration is much worse, though. We examined where exactly the federal government is placing immigrants and refugees dating back to 1990.

The vast majority of immigrants are left-leaning socialists, which is undisputed. Most of them are being placed in "red" or conservative states, where they will eventually outnumber patriotic Americans. You can tell Congress to begin true immigration reform by placing severe restrictions on immigrants entering the U.S. here.

Red State & Foreign-born Increase: North Carolina 273.7% Georgia 233.4% Arkansas 196.3% Utah 170.8% Tennessee 169.0% Nebraska 164.7% Arizona 135.9% Kentucky 135.3% South Carolina 132.1% Idaho 121.7%

Blue State & Foreign-born Increase: Pennsylvania 37.6% California 37.2% New York 35.6% Massachusetts 34.7% Vermont 32.5% Connecticut 32.4% New Hampshire 31.5% Hawaii 30.4% Rhode Island 25.4% Maine 1.1%

These percentage increases have taken place since 1990.

A few states fall outside of this pattern, but what this data shows is that the influx of legal immigrants -- future Democrat voters -- is being concentrated in the most heavily conservative states.

The one-worlders who designed this policy of self-destruction know that nature will take its course and you will soon be a voting minority, even if you live in a currently conservative state. That is exactly what happened to California, the home state of former President Ronald Reagan.

It will happen to the entire country unless we change course right now. We have to shift the focus of the national debate away from illegal aliens and toward reforming legal immigration first.

We are not powerless to stop this and it is no doubt that most of our politicians even realize this is happening. We have to tell them that it is happening and what the result will be.

Urge Congress to preserve and restore America to greatness by implementing restricted immigration here. Please also share this link with your friends, family members and acquaintances so that they can fight to save our country too.

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