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Restaurants reveal what they'll serve at Taste of Somerville

The twelfth Taste of Somerville is this Tuesday at the Holiday Inn.
The twelfth Taste of Somerville is this Tuesday at the Holiday Inn.
Taste of Somerville

(Another in a series of articles about restaurants, that I haven’t covered previously, participating in Taste of Somerville.)

I called almost a dozen restaurants late last week, researching what they’ll serve at Taste of Somerville on Tuesday. Unfortunately many hadn’t yet finalized their menu. Fortunately I found three who had.

“I’ll probably do a porchetta,” said Belio Susi, owner of Amelia’s Kitchen. “It’s a whole, stuffed roasted pig, and I did one for the Lyons Club last Saturday. My brother was a butcher for 45 years in the North End, and he deboned it for me. I stuffed it with other pork and roasted it for six hours. They even made me put an apple in its mouth!”

He’s not sure he’ll keep the head on for Taste because not everyone really is up for it. Belio has been a participant since Taste started, so he is no stranger to its crowds. He may also make beans, salad, or a chicken dish. Being Italian and making all the pastas by hand for the restaurant as well, he may be tempted to include a pasta dish.

Kathleen Hennemuth, a manager at Highland Kitchen, said the restaurant, participating for its second year, will again contribute deviled eggs, but several varieties this time. “It was a great, fantastic turn-out, and we got to see lots of our neighbors and customers last year.” This year Highland Kitchen will also make “devils on horseback,” Medjool dates stuffed with almonds and blue cheese, wrapped in bacon and then broiled. “It’s pure comfort food, and you get all the flavors – sweet, salty, crisp – all in one perfect bite.”

David Ross, manager at Rudy’s Café, participates because it’s a good fundraiser, gets the Rudy’s name out there, and is “something fun to do with other restaurants.” Rudy’s will contribute pulled pork and vegetable quesadillas. “We’ve been in Somerville for almost 30 years, and we’re still going strong. We have a lot of loyal clientele – and unbelievable margaritas!” He also said the restaurant makes “unbelievable” nachos, with all the ingredients made by hand. “I always tell my customers, if they don’t like them, I’ll take them off the check. And I’ve never had to take them off.”



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