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Restaurant Week gets a ‘Green Spotlight’ - sweetgreen

sweetgreen (image by Naho Kubota)
sweetgreen (image by Naho Kubota)
sweetgreen (image by Naho Kubota)

Looking for restaurants who are making an impact on the environment? Check out sweetgreen ( With a total of twenty-two (22) locations in Washington, DC, Virginia, Maryland, Philadelphia, Boston and New York City, sweetgreen are so creative with their sustainable design and cost effective ways to operate their restaurant.

As a member of the Green Restaurant Association (GRA), sweetgreen implemented numerous sustainable design ideas by using reclaimed materials, including hickory from old railroads, bamboard pine and bowling alley tables. The attached image by Naho Kubota also shows how recycled denim is used in the ceiling to absorb noise and how salvaged school gym bleachers can be collapsed to create a stage.

In efforts to be cost effective to operate their restaurants, sweetgreen saves money by compostable packaging, LED light fixtures, and wind energy offset credits to power their stores. Their ideas does not stop there, sweetgreen raises the bar in sustainable business practices by attaching low-flow aerators to all sinks.

So the next time you are in line at sweetgreen, take a look around, and appreciate how this business is making an impact on the environment. I know I will. :)