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‘Restaurant Stakeout’ rescues Villa Monaco in West Islip, New York

Restaurant Stakeout came to help Villa Monaco in West Islip, NY
Restaurant Stakeout came to help Villa Monaco in West Islip, NY
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Last night's episode of “Restaurant Stakeout” was titled "Father Daughter Stakeout." Willie Degel came to help out Villa Monaco in West Islip, New York.

Willie met with Nicky Lomonaco and his daughter Nicole of Villa Monaco. The clientele is mostly older people, which keeps the younger generation away. When Willie met with father and daughter, he told Willie that the place had been there for 34 years, and he would like to bring back the way it was. Nicole told Willie that the place had changed by not changing.

So Willie’s staff set up the cameras and microphones to cover the place. Willie’s strategy will be to; identify the key staff, observe their behavior and test the systems. Once all that is completed, he will confront the staff for their actions. The Lomanacos observed the operation. They saw Brian a bartender for six years, who could not open a large jar of olives, and had a customer open it for him. Brian was there by himself and made a phone call to get someone in there. Madeline, a waitress for four years came to his rescue. They observed Madeline tell two women that the calamari was sometimes tough. When asked about the early-bird special, they were told it was $35 a couple. The women stated that on the Internet, it was $29.95. Madeline told them her hands tied and could do nothing about the price, which Willie told them that is a no-no, to have two different prices. He also noticed that there was no manager there. They observed Remzi, a waiter there 14 years. Walter was also a waiter with four years on the job. When a woman asked what wine went with her dinner, he was timid and gave her no information that could help her, and as she left, she swore she would not return. Barbara, another bartender, there two years was cordial, but when a younger person came in to have a meal, she asked Barbara about the crowd there, which she found was mostly older. So Barbara gave her a list of placer where the younger crowd frequented.

Willie then found out that Nicole was there because she loved her father, not because she wanted to be there, much less inherit the place. Willie and the couple took a walk for Italian ice. Here Willie got to talk to Nicky and Nicole about her future in the restaurant. They realized that there is no father-daughter time for them, and that they need a manager and days off.

They then observed Linda, a bartender there only a month, and she was proud to tell the customer she was new. Linda was not nice to customers and had no personality for behind a bar.

When three women came in asking about a party, Brian asked how many, they replied about 150. He told them they could not do it, and they left. Willie was livid and told Nicky that Brian was throwing his money out of the window. So Nicky closed the restaurant and ordered his staff to an emergency meeting. As he was talking to them, Willie walked in.

Willie told them about the stakeout, and how they have been observing them, the attitudes did not change. They disagreed with Willie’s conclusion. When Willie asked the waitress why she did not give the best price when there was a conflict on the pricing, she stated they were not allowed to change a price without Nicky or the manager, and neither were there. He told Walter that he was timid about giving the customer the proper wine, and made no sale at all.

Next morning, Nicole was waiting to go crabbing with her father, while Willie met with the staff. Willie brought in Chris, a flair bartender to put some life into the bartenders. He made new drinks and showed the women how to toss a bottle and catch it.

Next, Willie took the waiters and waitresses and used a bull horn to put some more volume into Walter’s words. He tested them on the menu, and they knew their stuff. When Willie returned in six weeks, there was a front of house manager, the place was filled with happy people both young and old, and Nicole was pursuing her dreams, but continuing to have fun with her father. Thanks to Willie and his staff on "Restaurant Stakeout."

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