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Restaurant Spotlight -The Backstage Café at The Agora

A packed Backstage Cafe at The Agora during Ohio Metal Fest
A packed Backstage Cafe at The Agora during Ohio Metal Fest

Cleveland OH - Okay I have to admit it I love food , not at much as music but food is right up there close to the top of the list . The problem with going to a lot of concert venues is that either the food is low quality and high priced and there is no where decent to eat .Who wants to pay $14.00 for a burger and five dollars for a bottle of water ? . You cant leave most venues and come back so you are stuck giving you very few options . Well ladies and gentleman I have the answer to that riddle ,I proudly present to you The Backstage Café . The restaurant is the brain child of Nick Sarris who besides owning The Backstage Café also owns the Sidewalk Café ‘s in Painesville and Euclid ,Ohio . Nick wanted to give concert goers a better choice and at a better value from breakfast to dinner and not just during concerts . The food is fresh and fairly priced with everything from wraps and fresh Angus burgers and salads to Greek Gyros and crisp salads and pizza’s for the rockstar in all of us . I finally broke of my diet yesterday and had the fresh Gyro and French fries and I had to say it was amazing . The meat melted in your mouth and the traditional tzatziki sauce literally brought smiles to your eyes . I felt as whenever I blinked my eyelids formed little smiley faces . The fresh cut French fries steamed up before me with just enough crisp outside and a warm tender inside . I am looking forward to my next concert at the Agora because I cannot wait to try one of their gourmet pizzas. For those who work downtown it is conveniently located right on Euclid Ave . next to the Agora literally attached to the building with open access during concert .I plan on being a frequent guest and I hope to all of you at a concert one time or another . Rock on and eat hearty !