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Restaurant scene flourishes in Brookline

CITYSIDE Bar and Restaurant in Cleveland Circle caters mostly to the college crowd.
CITYSIDE Bar and Restaurant in Cleveland Circle caters mostly to the college crowd.
-Karl Klaussen

Brookline has approximately 93 restaurants at any given time, according to the Yellow Pages, and to empirical research. With its large student population, an affluent local population and close proximity to the city, Brookline offers a broad range of foods, atmospheres and prices.

Why Brookline?

According to the Brookline Chamber of Commerce's website, Brookline has an area of 6.6 square miles, with a population of 59,600. There are three train lines--the C, the D and the E. And, Brookline has eighty nine miles of public streets, making it the perfect location for a thriving restaurant scene that is easily accessed and tightly concentrated.

Where in Brookline?

Most Brookline restaurants are located in either Coolidge Corner, Washington Square, Brookline Village or Cleveland Circle, and most are located on Beacon Street, Harvard Street, Washington Street or Boylston Street.

Brookline's variety

Brookline has everything from fine dining to fast food and everything in between. Categories include American, Chinese, French, Indian, Italian, Irish, Japanese, Kosher, Latin American, Middle Eastern, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese and more.

There are steak houses, burger joints, pubs, bistros, sports bars, pizza places, delis, Tapas restaurants, sandwich shops and more. No matter what you crave, Brookline has what you're looking for.

A small sampling of Brookline

Bottega Di Capri in Brookline Village is a hidden gem that serves surprisingly good Italian fare--everything is made to order and everything is under $10.

Matt Murphy's Pub, also in Brookline Village, is a local institution serving beer, wine and upscale pub grub that is simply unmatched, with comfortable surroundings.

Pho Lemongrass in Coolidge Corner offers luscious Vietnamese food in lovely surroundings, with impeccable service and a full bar.

Pino's Pizza in Cleveland Circle has some of the best Italian-style pizza around and a full menu of submarine sandwiches--and they've been doing the same great thing for more than 40 years.

If you prefer to stay in, there's a service just for you. DiningIn picks up your food orders from many Brookline eateries and delivers it to your door in a matter of minutes for a minimal fee. It's the prefect cure for the winter blues.

Brookline is a great place to find great food, and this web page is devoted to brining our readers reviews, feature pieces, interviews, profiles, recipes, insider tips and more. To enhance the reader experience, we welcome any and all feedback.


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