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‘Restaurant Redemption’ helps Crimson restaurant in Dallas, Texas

Tonight's Cooking Channel episode of Restaurant Redemption brings chef Ching-He Huang to Dallas, Texas to help revive a friendship and restaurant.

Chef Ching-He Huang brings Restaurant Redemption to failing Asian restaurants
Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Ching visited Crimson and met with Salina and Hanna, two Vietnamese best friends who had finance and marketing experience, but not restaurant experience. So Ching got to work checking out the kitchen and wanted to taste their five signature dishes.

While Ching waited for their five best dishes, and most were tasteless. As Ching criticized some of the choices, she could clearly see how the two friends disagreed on nearly every aspect of the food. Ching could see that they do not even look at each other when they talk.

As the design team started making over the front of the house, Ching met with Hanna, who seemed to be bulldozed out of her opinion by Salina. So Ching met with Salina to get her opinion, and gave her a reality check. These two best friends are partners and should respect each other’s opinions, so sitting with Ching, the two partners cried it out and realized they needed to sit and talk and iron out their differences.

Next, Ching worked on the menu with them. She loved the Pho, and wanted to elevate it to the next level. As the two women worked together in the kitchen, their food was elevated too.

When the women saw the transformation, the restaurant popped with a new vibrancy it lacked in the past. When the service started, they were a bit overwhelmed at first, but soon were in sync and the restaurant was humming like never before, thanks to Ching and her crew of Restaurant Redemption.

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