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Restaurant Profile: Proof on Main

Proof on Main, 702 W. Main Street, Louisville
Proof on Main, 702 W. Main Street, Louisville

This week Conde Nast Traveler published an article listing 21C as the reader's choice for hotels in Louisville. In honor of that distinction, here is a profile on the restaurant in 21C, Proof on Main. 

Proof on Main was established in 2006 as a new and inventive restaurant for downtown Louisville. Being housed with the 21C Hotel means that it also takes contemporary art and incorporates it into their decor and into your meal. The plating of the various dishes are unique and complement the feel of the restaurant. There are always special art displays throughout the restaurant; information on what is currently being displayed can be found on their restaurant. Even a trip to the bathroom seems unique as you must walk through the lobby of the hotel, and therefore entrance to the 21C museum, and see the walls adorned with unique forms of contemporary art.

Proof on Main serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. All three meals offer wonderfully new and exciting plays on traditional favorites such as Proof Benedict made with Kentucky grits, goat pastrami sandwich with sauerkraut, or rabbit liver pate. These options, and all others on the menu, tend to be seasonally and locally available foods, though that is not a core concept of the restaurant but rather the current chef Michael Paley. For instance currently the menu includes various squashes, beets, sweet potatoes and mixed greens, all of which are readily available in Kentuckiana this time of year. Several of the proteins on the menu also come from local resources including bison, rabbit and chicken.

There is a full service bar fit for the hippest crowds; Sunday nights are host to a Mad Men showing which perfectly fits the scene of the bar. There is a wonderful selection of wine (by the bottle and glass), unique cocktails, and of course, bourbon. 

Visit Proof on Main's website to learn more and book a table.

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