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Restaurant Profile: Mayan Cafe

2010 is a new decade, and as such I challenge you all to try something new and expand your horizons. Trying new restaurants is a great fun way to do this! Different cuisines are a window into different cultures and expand our thinking and can also have a great influence on your own home cooking. A great new place to try this year is the Mayan Cafe in the East Market district of Louisville. 

The Mayan Cafe is proud boast its use of sustainable ingredients. All meats come from farms in the local Kentuckiana area. Though local ingredients are heralded, the flavors are unique to Chef Bruce Ucán, born and raised in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Ucán has cooked both in Mexico and the US, sharing his unique background and sense of flavor.

The menu at Mayan Cafe changes seasonally, but the proteins remain about the same. The lunch menu offers a variety of options ranging from $8-11 for entrees. Dinner entrees range from $10-20 and offer a nice sized portion. The seafood is extremely fresh and well prepared so make sure to try some!

Visit Mayan Cafe Monday through Friday for lunch or Monday through Saturday for dinner at 813 East Market Street. Call 502-566-0651 for reservations.