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Restaurant Profile: Asiatique

The bar at Asiatique
The bar at Asiatique

Found along Bardstown Road in the Highlands, Asiatique is not a restaurant most would expect to find in Louisville, KY. However, that is exactly what makes it great and unique. The chef at this restaurant is Peng Looi, a man born in Malaysia, educated in England, but chef to Louisville. Looi decided his engineering degree would be better suited in a kitchen, so he began cooking Malaysian - with a bit of Chinese - food in Louisville. Asiatique is his second restaurant. 


Asiatique is really a blend of all things south Asian. The menu has a little bit of Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and of course Malaysia, weaved into the offerings. Chilies, ginger, and soy are a feature in most dishes and all are delicious. There are a variety of options, though the seafood is not to be missed. It is excellently prepared and cooked different than you will try at home. Short ribs and duck are another great thing to try as it is something many don't like to tackle at home. Prices are not the cheapest you will find in Louisville with most entrees costing around $25. You surely will not be disappointed though if you decide to go for a full meal though.

The cocktail menu at Asiatique also has a lot to offer and again includes those Asian flavors. Ginger martinis, basil mojitos, and special apple-cinnamon bourbon are just a few of the things you can find here. 

When to visit:

Happy hour is a great way to go and experience a few different dishes at great prices. Happy hour happens every day from 5-7pm at the bar and includes discounts on spirits and wine and half off appetizers. Taking this option will certainly bring you a cocktail and app for under $10! 

Brunch is another option for trying new flavors at a cheaper price. Omelets, pancakes and the normal are available, but so are special Asian dishes such as beef short ribs and Vietnamese pho (a soup with fresh cilantro and bean sprouts). Items cost on average $9 and is sure to please any palate.

More information:

  • 1767 Bardstown Road, between Maryland and Speed Avenues
  • Make reservations online at 
  • Visit their website
  • Asiatique is a Louisville Original, so take your rewards card!