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'Restaurant: Impossible' revisits Coach Lamp Restaurant & Pub

On last night's episode of "Restaurant: Impossible," Robert Irvine went to Louisville, Ky. in this episode titled “Restaurant More Impossible: Outside the Box.” With just two days and a budget of $10,000, can he and his crew do the impossible?

Robert Irvine host of Restaurant: Impossible
Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Robert met with Bill and Gail Darling, owners of the restaurant for thirteen years, whose daughter Brooke summoned Robert, without her parents’ knowledge. Robert found the place clean, but although the owners considered it a fine-dining restaurant, Robert thought otherwise. He hated the tablecloths, and banquet chairs, and the patio needed sprucing up.

Robert observed a service and by the name, people were surprised it was a fine-dining restaurant with white tablecloths, when they expected pub fare. The strange paintings on the wall creeped out some customers with eyes that seemed to follow their every move. Robert asked a waiter why people do not come there, and he confessed that people never heard of the place. Diners admitted to driving by the place and not noticing it. They did comment on the prices, which were high for the area, but the food was good, and as Gail touted, Bill was an excellent chef. But being half a million in debt, could Robert convince these people before they lose everything?

Robert noticed a nearby restaurant was constantly busy and went to find out why they did so well. The atmosphere, the service and the price were among the factors filling the place daily. When Robert confronted Bill, he told him that it was he that was the biggest problem. Bill held firm; he wanted to give them a good meal in a casual setting. Robert then sent Bill to make him his two best items, but stopped him as he had people outside who just left the restaurant down the street. He asked the people why they went there and not here. A man told them that the darkness of the exterior did not indicate the place was open, even though the hours were displayed on the window. Robert tasted the food and enjoyed it, but for lunch, the prime rib was too big and although very good, the veal marsala was not a dish that appealed to the locals.

Robert met with Taniya, his designer and told her that the curb appeal had to be worked on along with the little-used patio. Tom got to work immediately, building a pergola to enclose the patio to give it an identity of its own. Meanwhile, Robert took Bill and Gail to meet with locals for a focus group to ask them about dining out. As Bill took notes, Gail sat with her arms crossed. Nobody there had ever been to their restaurant, but everyone knew about the place down the street. When Robert met with the couple, they were still not convinced. He told them they were elitists who just did not get it. They just felt like they were being beaten up, not looking at the entire picture and fought him every inch of the way and felt beaten up, rather than enlightened.

As Robert checked on the progress of the patio and restaurant, he met with the couple and told them that he had tried to get in their heads, but he is feeling that his efforts were futile. The couple were starting to come around to his suggestions and became focused. Robert took Gail to the Louisville Slugger factory to meet with locals and have her give them samples and invite them to the restaurant. She did an awesome job and had the people literally eating out of her hand.

Back in the kitchen, Robert showed Bill and chef Bryan how to make delicious food that is not too sophisticated in preparation and price. They made short ribs that both chefs loved and a Louisville special a hot brown sandwich.

When Robert revealed the patio to the couple and their daughter, Brooke, they were in shock. The dining room was a casual and bright place where color was a factor; no more white tablecloths, and no more negativity from the couple. As the huge crowd filled the place, the customers knew they would return. Thanks to Robert and his crew of "Restaurant: Impossible." this restaurant and couple have found a new brighter future.

At the end of each show, Robert tells viewers to check his link to see how the restaurant is doing since his visit. If you liked what you read, please Subscribe, and you will never miss another post from this Television Examiner. Thanks!

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