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'Restaurant: Impossible' helps The Pomona Golf and Country Club

Robert Irvine host of Restaurant: Impossible having fun at the zoo
Robert Irvine host of Restaurant: Impossible having fun at the zoo
Photo by Aaron Davidson

On Wednesday’s Food Network episode of "Restaurant: Impossible," Robert Irvine went to Egg Harbor City, New Jersey, to help save The Pomona Golf and Country Club on this episode titled, “Golf: Impossible.” With only two days and $10,000, will he be able to accomplish the impossible?

Robert came to meet with Shane Ritchie, who called him about this family establishment that is threatening to break them apart. He has nothing to do with the business, but everyone comes to him with their problems, and he decided to call Robert to help straighten it out.

When Robert walked in, he saw a tired restaurant and bar with hints of the 70s popping through. So he called for Pam, Andy and Bruce to come out to talk. The three looked like they were going to their execution when they faced Robert. There is a total lack of communication among the three of them that Shane hopes Robert can break through.

Robert took a ride through the 9-hole golf course and played a round of golf with two members and found out some insight into how the business was run or not run. Then he observed a lunch, and tasted the food. He found it bland and very unappealing, served on paper plates and all something people could make at home. It was a dying place because it did not attract a younger crowd and nothing was changed, including the menu in over twenty years.

Designer Lynn Kegan met with Robert and gave his opinion and ideas. When they emptied the place, Lynn was already working on a pattern for the place. When Robert comes up with an idea of how to make the place appeal to families, Lynn is fearing his budget will be blown.

On the second day, the interior was starting to look good. Robert took the three owners to a town hall meeting and only the people spoke. They told them what their suggestions were to make the club more family oriented. Robert brought in Orlando, a vehicle wrap designer and gave him three golf carts to redesign to make appealing to kids and families.

Robert gave cooking lessons to Pam and her cook, who learned how to make flavorful items that people will love. He then presented Pam with the awesome grill he made them on. They then saw the patio that was truly family-friendly and went inside to see how the new place looked. They were friends again and all positive. The customers were very excited and younger people were happy to be there. They sold several family memberships, ensuring that business will continue for generations to come, thanks to Robert and his crew of "Restaurant: Impossible."

At the end of each show, Robert tells viewers to check this link to see how the restaurant is doing since his visit.

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