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Restaurant Healthy Eating Tips


Photo by: Suat Eman

According to the National Restaurant Association, “the typical American eats 4.2 commercially prepared meals per week.” That translates into 1 billion commercial meals consumed per week and 53.5 billion per year. Despite rough economic times restaurants and fast food chains continue to flourish; unfortunately our waistlines are now joining them.  

 Before you beat yourself up after doing a mental tally of how much you too eat out, keep in mind that you are not alone. Whether you are out celebrating an anniversary over filet mignon, or just catching up with old college friends over a quick burger; the fact of the matter is eating out is inevitable.

Just starting a new diet, and still you find yourself at the drive thru window?  While it is rare to find a "truly healthy" commercial meal you can stop staring blindly at the menu, and have all your nutritonal questions answered.  "Is a salad always best" or "Does a turkey sandwich have less calories than a roast beef?"  While unfortunately there is no definate answer to these questions, because as you will soon see it will vary from place to place, you can now educate yourself with the information you need to order the best meal to meet your diet/health needs.

In preparation for your next dining experience here is a quick guide to some of the frequently ordered meals at Denver’s most popular restuarants:


 Cheesecake Factory:
Chicken Pasta Carbonara: 2290 calories/ 81 grams fat
6oz. Filet Mignon: 990 calories/ 26 grams fat
California Pizza Kitchen: 
BBQ Chicken Salad: 697 calories/ 14.4 grams fat
Thin crust Magherita Pizza: 420 calories/ 18 grams fat
Kona Grill:
Sushi Sampler: 685 calories/ 20 grams fat
Seared Sesame Ahi Salad: 340 calories/ 19 grams fat
Old Chicago: 
Sicilian Pepperoni Rolls: 1800 calories/ 108 grams fat
Turkey Burger: 484 calories/ 36.5 grams fat
Regular Roast Beef Sandwich: 350 calories/ 13 grams fat
Market Fresh Turkey and Swiss Sandwich: 740 calories/ 28 grams fat
 Big Mac: 540 calories/ 29 grams fat
Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad: 420 calories/ 15 grams fat
Taco Bell:
 Chicken Ranch Taco Salad: 900 calories/ 54 grams fat
Fresco Chicken Burrito Supreme: 340 calories/ 8 grams fat
¼ lb Single Hamburger: 470 calories/ 21 grams fat
Mandarin Grilled Chicken Salad: 540 calories/ 25 grams fat
 Don't see your favorite restaurant or meal listed? Email Jenn at:


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