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Restaurant event: Wine and Beer Class at The Kitchen [Upstairs]

The Kitchen [Upstairs]
The Kitchen [Upstairs]

About a week ago, I wrote that diners who eat out during the earlier part of the week get the most bang for their buck. Exhibit B in that discussion: Wine and Beer class at The Kitchen [Upstairs].

On the third Tuesday of each month, Tim, The Kitchen’s sommelier, and Ray, Boulder’s most serious beer program director, go head to head, pairing each course of a fixed-price menu with a beer and a wine. Both are present to host the event, as is the [Upstairs] chef, an inventive guy named Ashley who uses Wine and Beer class to experiment with fare outside the confines of the wood-fired oven theme for which the [Upstairs] is known. It’s a great chance for diners to learn about the basics of pairing, sample 8 wines and beers normally not offered by the glass, and eat four courses, all for $60. All in all, a great value for beer and/or wine geeks, ideal for a diner who wants the education, and a great idea for, say, a fifth date.

This month’s class, which will take place this upcoming Tuesday, March 16, pits Caesar vs. St. Patrick and will commemorate food and beverages from a great beer country, Ireland, and a great wine country, Italy.

Reservations required.

The Kitchen

1039 Pearl Street 

Boulder, CO 80302



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