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Restaurant CEO: Skip the tip says 'Noodles' CEO

A sign advertising pasta for $8.50
A sign advertising pasta for $8.50
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

A restaurant CEO says skip the tip when dining at one of his eateries, Noodles & Co. On March 19, CNBC reported that there is a "no tipping" policy at the 380 Noodles locations in the U.S. He feels that it's more important for the customers to respect his employees and that they are already paying enough when they come to eat.

"Respect doesn't cost you anything. Being nice doesn't cost you anything, and we don't really feel that folks should have to pay something additional for us to appreciate that they're choosing us over another restaurant," explained Noodles CEO and Chairman Kevin Reddy (via CNBC).

The restaurant CEO's skip the tip idea could hurt his employees but he makes it so no such strain is put on their wallets. Reddy pays his employees properly (above minimum wage) so that they don't need to depend on customer's tips to get by. And, of course, some customers insist on leaving a tip -- it is customary after all -- and that's okay too. (Noodles has walk up counter service in which customers order and pay for their meals at a register and then their food is delivered to them not unlike Panera Bread).

"We don't want our guests to feel we're trying to upsell them. We'd rather have them feel we'd rather upserve them than upsell them. That's why we're really cautious even about the price increases we pass on," Reddy added.

Is this restaurant CEO's skip the tip policy something you'd get behind? Do you like the idea?

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