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Restaurant Attack is Payback for Women and Children Massacre, say Taliban

The spiral of violence continues in Afghanistan where a cafe frequented by foreign dignitaries was bombed yesterday, killing 21.

Images from Kabul Tavern Attack
Images from Kabul Tavern Attack
NY Times, Washington Post, AP, AFP/Getty Images, Reuters,
Tavern Attack is Payback for Women and Children Massacre, say Taliban
Massoud Hossaini / AP

The Taliban took responsibility for the attack, saying they intentionally picked an establishment that was frequented by "high-ranking foreigners" and where alcohol was served.

The revenge attack was in response to an airstrike last Monday where Afghan civilians were killed.

The fierce offensive began with a single, loud explosion, followed by automatic weapon fire around the restaurant for about 20 minutes.

Local employees of the restaurant were able to escape, jumping to safety from the building’s roof.

“The attack was in retaliation to the massacre carried out by foreign invaders two days earlier in Parwan Province’s Siyah Gerd district, where the enemy airstrikes destroyed up to 10 homes, razed several orchards as well as killing and wounding up to 30 innocent civilians, mostly defenseless women and children,” the Taliban statement said.

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