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Rest and Recovery - give your body time to heal

Rest and Recovery is a vital part or any fitness program
Rest and Recovery is a vital part or any fitness program
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Rest and recovery. One of the most import aspects of any workout program. Rest and recovery is also one of the most underused and overlooked parts of physical conditioning. All to often, people over look their day of rest and try to schedule in a workout, thinking this will get them closer to their goals.Big mistake.

Today is Day 6 of Body Beast Round III. It is a rest and recovery day, and I thought…what better opportunity to talk about the importance of rest and recovery.


I can’t tell you the number of times people ask me, “What workout can I do on my rest day?” My answer is and will always be, “None!”

The body needs time to heal. This is the premise behind rest and recovery days. This downtimes is critical to any workout regime that puts a lot of physical stress on the body. The concept is not hard to understand. The body needs time to repair, rebuild and strengthen. When you put a lot of stress on your muscles and “tear down” the muscles fibers, it takes time to repair and rebuild them. In many cases, several days. In addition, when optimum muscle growth is the goal, it takes even more time to recruit and start the growth of new muscle fibers. Workout the muscles out too soon can prevent new muscle recruitment. As a result, the overall increase in muscle size, density and quality is limited.

Another reason to take advantage of rest and recovery days is that the body needs this time to replace its energy stores. Limiting replenishment results in a lethargic energy level, increased muscle soreness, poor performance and an increased potential for injury.

The bottom line is, while many of us get a little jittery and sometimes feel a sense of “guilt” for taking a result day, it is an important component of our fitness goals. Skipping rest days is counterproductive in every sense of the word. Unless you want to jeopardize your success, take advantage of your rest days. Do something relaxing, spend the time with family and friends, or just take an extra nap.

You have earned it and your body will thank you for it.

Chet Nichols is a Team Beachbody Coach, 3 time Beachbody Challenge winner and Body Beast Success story. He operates the website and offers FREE Health and Fitness Coaching. Nichols is 42 years old, a United States Veteran and lives in Timnath, Colorado with his wife and kids. You can find him on his Facebook Profile, Facebook Page, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube. For questions, you can contact Chet at mailto:

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