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Responsibility: the ability to response

To have to true Wellness, one has to take ownership, responsibility for it.

It all starts with you inner nutrition, your Soul Food Nutrition. This is everything

that nourishes you that doesn't come from the end of your folk.

This food, this Soul Food Nutrition stems from your Realtionships.

Your relationship to your body.

Your relationship to your career.

Your relationship to your spirit.

These all involve Connections.

How are your connections to your Relationships, your family, your friend, your partner.

Your connections to Love and Intimacy.

Intimacy: Into Me See. This can be scary for some and freeing for other.

What is your relationship to Time?

How is your connection, your relationship to your environment and the World.

What is your relationship to food and drink like?

How is relationship to controlling the world around you.

This brings in Communication. Can you ask for you need, want and desire?

Or do you try to control others to get your needs meet.

How is you relationship to Touch? Can you give and receive?

Here are some steps to help you on your road to Wellness.

Be is part of BEing.

The Self Care of Be: can you BE in silence, BE stillness?

What do you want to BEcome?


Playing is important in Self care.

Playing should be fun to you.

How often are you playful?


Lets face it there is Work involved in Self Care

Are you up to it?

If you don’t like work or your workplace, change it.

If you can’t change it, change your attitude about it.

Make it playful.


Thinking can be a double edged sword.

Too much or too little can dull the senses.

Combining Breathing and Moving can enhance Thinking.

What you eat or drink can have affect on your Thinking.


This action is Life in itself.

Breathing can and does benefit the other steps.


Hydrating yourself with good water is necessary to keep this body moving and flowing


You are what you eat.

Eating the wrong foods can alter your mood.

On the emotional side, thinking and eating are involved.

How you think can eat you up?


Moving can and does keep you flowing.

What things or action move you emotionally in a good way.

Focus on more of those.


Without Rest and sleep life does not flow properly.

Without Rest you can not Connect to the other steps.

Without Rest you can not Flow through life.


How are you connected to life, to your relationships, and Yourself?


We as human have a need Create things, to Create energy to Move forward in life.


How is your life Flowing. Without FLOW you really can not Create the life of dreams.

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