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Responsibility for Success

Steve Jobs

It is your name, your business and your reputation.

Darren Hardy, publisher of Success magazine, has a knack for getting to the heart of an issue. His recent article “Getting in the Zone” pierces through the media noise and the excuses we have all told ourselves from time to time.

We are Responsible for our Results

Regardless of the economy, the competition, or Facebook comments, we are individually responsible for our results. Achievement or lack of achievement all falls squarely on our shoulders.

You have heard the expression, “If it is to be, it is up to me.”

“How you START the day will very much dictate how the rest of your day will go. It will set the tone, pace and momentum of your performance for the day.”

Mindset for Success

You can start your day with a leisurely cup of coffee, read your email, and search social media for interesting posts or you can get your act together and start accomplishing something. When you start your day with a mindset for success, you are far more likely to be productive.

Personally I create my success plan the night before by taking a few minutes at the end of the day to prioritize the next day. That time of reflection on the day’s events and planning for the upcoming day organizes my success plan for maximum productivity.

Having a clear mindset at the end of the day promotes a more restful sleep.

Awake Rested, Refreshed and Ready for Action

Your subconscious mind is most receptive immediately before drifting into an alpha sleep and immediately upon awaking from an alpha sleep. Use time to your advantage.

Review your success plan for the day and confirm the priority of tasks. Put yourself in a mindset for success; establish a feeling of confidence that your actions are indeed moving your business and your life forward. Until you have a mindset for success, you have severely handicapped every action you will take.

If you are like me, you reach for a cup of coffee, read something mind stimulating, and settle in at your desk ready to tackle the top item on the daily success plan.

Success is establishing and implementing a mindset for success; success is creating a success plan and achieving it. If success is really that straight-forward, why aren’t more people outrageously successful?

Jim Rohn, famous business philosopher, said “It is easy to do, but it is also easy not to do.”

How many times have we known what to do, but did something else instead? I’ve been guilty of allowing myself to be side-tracked.

Sometimes it is the inertia factor. Once the mindset is focused on the task at hand, the work flows easily and quickly, it is the getting focused in the first place which can be the difficult part.

When you design your success plan as the last action of the day, you have a head-start at the first light of morning. Go to sleep with a mindset of success and you are more likely to awake with a mindset for success.

To achieve success, we are responsible for our mindset, planning and action.

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