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Response to David Wolfe’s free webinar crashes servers

If you were one of the thousands of people around the world who tried to access David Wolfe’s free webinar on Monday night, only to find that after several false starts, it did not air, take heart. The overwhelming worldwide response to “Do’s and Don’ts for Extraordinary Health and Abundant Energy” crashed the servers, but you can access the webinar online.

You may know David Wolfe as the Nutribullet guy, and if so, you also know that he is really knowledgeable about nutrition and health. His webinar covers a variety of interesting topics, and in the last part of the video he answers questions sent in by readers. He offers good insight into several prominent controversies such as whether or not to drink tap water or bottled water. I'm willing to bet that you’ll find his explanation on that topic especially convincing.

You can also access another 6 shorter bonus videos from the conference for free.

He provides information on the web site for buying the entire set of videos from the conference, including the printed transcripts, if you want to see the presentations by other speakers that are not offered free online.

Even if you already know a lot about health, superfoods, and supplements I think you'll find the free webinar worth your time. Be aware, though, that free viewing of the replay webcast will only be available online until May 27 at 7 p.m. EST, so watch it while you can.

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